New Moon Wishes in Capricorn! 

Get ready because the universe is bringing great support for your ambitions! 

The NEW MOON will occur at 12:53am EST December 29th in Capricorn! New Moons carry a lot of energetic power to support WISHES, so this is the best time to make your wishes related to the energy of Capricorn.

You can wish for things like:

  • Promotions
  • Improved leadership abilities, delegating and managing
  • Discipline or commitment you need to achieve your goals 
  • Recognition for your efforts
  • Making practical decisions
  • Social Status
  • Gaining perspective or objectivity
  • Improved relationship with bosses
  • Keeping promises or commitments
  • Finding or staying on track with your life purpose
  • Goal setting
  • Father or father figures

Make your wishes as close to the new moon as you can or anytime before midnight on Saturday, December 31st. Write them down to get them clear in your mind. You get 10 new moon wishes!  

Best of luck!

– The Stargazing Yogi

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