Opportunities for Change and Expansion on the Brink of the New Year

A key astrological theme for us to be aware of at the start of the new year is Uranus in Aries opposing Jupiter in Libra. This signifies a change that is necessary to increase harmony in your life.   

2017 year starts off with the residual energy from this transit: you might have actually started feeling its effects around late November (just after American Thanksgiving) and getting stronger as we got closer to December 26th. These planets will be in a dance opposing each other for the first 3 months of the year, and then again for a short time at the end of September.  So, this is an important transit to be taking into consideration right now, and with the strong retrograde energy that we will be experiencing over the first 5 months of the year, now is a good time in general for some reflection, introspection, and going over ‘old ground’ in certain areas of our lives. (SEE ‘Swinging into 2017‘)

The signs involved in this opposition specifically call out the connection between personal change, our close relationships and our sense of being in harmony with the world around us.  A change on a personal level might be something involving your behaviour, your habits, your priorities, your attitude or feelings of self esteem, your level of confidence, or even related to your personal health habits including nutrition and sleep.  The effect might be on a personal relationship or even your relationship to your profession in terms of work/life balance.  

The timing of this transit at the start of the new year is exciting for me.  This is a time when so often I feel compelled and also obligated to evaluate aspects of my life, and (of course) to judge them.   An optimistic way to channel any of this energy that you may be feeling is to reflect on positive personal changes you can commit to and know that, if you can, there are tremendous opportunities for growth, expansion and balance.    

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