Mercury Retrograde: Lay Low this Weekend 

A reminder to take it easy this weekend and ‘lay low’ as much as you can.  We are still in the full swing of Mercury Retrograde until Sunday January 8th so if you have been ambitiously trying to push activities and goals forward over the past few weeks, you have likely experienced surprises and frustrations snapping you backwards.  Mercury Retrograde wants us to SLOW DOWN instead of forge ahead, so lay low this weekend and let yourself off the hook.  This is a time to reflect, go with the flow, and expect the unexpected.  Mercury stations direct finally on Sunday morning, but the energies will still be ‘sticky’ and moving slowly for another two weeks so hold off on starting your 2017 resolutions or other new projects until January 27th as much as you can.  Be kind to yourself and focus on finishing up projects you have already your started to clear off your plate.  

This is a good time for making plans, however remember to avoid signing contracts or making big purchases during this time (you should wait to sign the dotted line on anything that you expect to last more than 4-6 months).  You may not have all the relevant information.

Pluto will be conjunct with the Sun on Saturday, in Capricorn so this is a good time to review your medium and long-term goals.  What are the stepping stones along the way?  What can you realistically aim to accomplish this year?  Is there anything you can let go of that is not in line with what you want to achieve?   

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