Dramatic Full Moon in Cancer this Thursday

This week brings a problematic full moon in Cancer early Thursday morning and a tricky astrological ‘square’ on the same day: be prepared for DRAMA and heightened emotions!!!  

Full moons always bring ‘pressure’ and added stress but this particular full moon  on January 12th in Cancer can have you feeling like you are on an emotional boomerang. This is a one-day vortex, prime for attracting the energy of surprises, frustrations and face-offs that will send you (or someone around you) off in an angry tailspin.





What to do???


My number one advice this week is to try to see frustration through a lens of compassion. Venus having moved into Pisces on Jan 3rd (it will stay there for the next 6 weeks) helps to soften tensions when we take an empathetic perspective.

Also, it’s hard to see in the heat of the moment, but we often ‘project’ frustrations onto others that are a reflection of our own feelings of guilt.  Prepare for the Full Moon by reflecting on any residual negative emotions that you are carrying for yourself and release this energy by taking the opportunity to forgive yourself for past regrets.  We evolve by through releasing pain and learning from past mistakes; you are not the same person who you once were.  If you can see your past self also through a lens of compassion and you will find that you are more emotionally resilient through the week.

Physical activity like exercise or yoga will help you reconnect with your physical self and allow negative energy to channel out of the body. Additionally, meditation helps us refocus the mind, put our emotions into perspective so we can notice the sources of our ‘trigger points’. Carve out at least 30 minutes for a ‘quiet reboot’ on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to help you to ‘slow reaction time’ and keep your cool when you get into a hot spot.  Ensuring that you give yourself a break on Thursday will help you integrate and neutralize emotional charges that come up during the day.

Avoid temptation literally by clearing out Thursday’s calendar and, if you can, move important meetings or appointments to another day in the week. Tuesday morning is a good time for business meetings and other appointments. Dealings during this time will bring favourable outcomes.

Remember to be kind to yourself and best of luck!
Peace 🙂

~ Stargazing Yogi

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