Reflecting on Compassion: “The winding path”

I happened onto this photo today and it struck me. It rang true and gave me inspiration.

In the past few weeks I have been drawn more than ever to stories of epic journeys and human triumph and this morning, this photo encapsulated my meditation exactly.

When you make a plan, of course you don’t incorporate pitfalls, detours and disappointments!  But we cannot let these bring us so far down that we decide to give up completely.  Venus in Pisces this month reminds us to have compassion, and while reflecting on this energy, I have so often come back to the subject of having compassion for oneself: something I think we all need a lot more of. 

This life is not about efficiency or speed or ease; most definitely not. But when we accept and acknowledge this we can be more forgiving of our setbacks and see them within the landscape of ‘the bigger picture’. 

Yesterday I scribbled this reflection: We focus so much on what we need to HAVE in order to BECOME happy. But you can gain so much by looking back and realizing how much you have accomplished and how far you have come.  It seems to all tie into to the same theme. Wherever you are at this point, let that be simply your place today on the journey. When you can have that perspective, you can look upon yourself with compassion and love.

No, the path from A to B is not direct, but it can be the most beautiful journey on which you will ever embark. Don’t miss it by sitting this one out or playing it safe. It’s okay (and exciting!) to change directions. It’s okay to start something new. Twists, turns and mistakes are beautiful because we can make new discoveries, we can learn and gain wisdom.  We can allow ourselves to get lost so we can find a new, unexpected way and come out with bumps and scrapes but also incredible stories and newfound confidence.

My message of compassion today is to give yourself the gift of acknowledging your dreams and goals.  Honour your ambitions to change or to achieve. Give yourself the gift of believing that you can achieve them. Yes, you will absolutely feel afraid!  But you also will feel more alive than ever. 















Courage cannot exist without first feeling vulnerable.


It’s likely that you will ‘fall into a ditch’ at some point along the way, but you will get up you will prove what you are made of.  You will be an inspiration to someone who started out feeling just like you.

The Today my message is this: your perseverance comes out of the compassion you give to yourself. 

Love, peace and blessings ❤️
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