Compassion: Mindfulness Theme for February 

Join me this February in an exploration into compassion, what does it truly mean, how do we summon it within ourselves and why is it so hard sometimes to do?

Compassion is a form of generosity and when we feel stressed, or depressed or frustrated is when it is the most difficult to find within us to give. 

Emotions within us are so complex and subconscious that sometimes they are outside of our control. We feel and react to our emotional ‘charges’ without even being consciously aware that they are influencing us. 

We can build self awareness through mindfulness, and taking time to look inward.

Building empathy, understanding and forgiveness first for ourselves, allows us to find ways to show this kind of love generously to others.

Over the month of February I will be posting a series reflections and mindfulness meditations on the concept of compassion and looking at this notion from different perspectives. I look forward to embarking on this journey!

List of Mindfulness Reflections posted this month on Compassion:

Mindfulness Reflection: “Compassion for Oneself”

Mindfulness Reflection:
Mindfulness Reflection: “Reaching Out”
 Mindfulness Reflection:
Mindfulness Reflection: “Anger vs. Compassion”


Peace 🙂


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