Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Feb 10th, 2017 in LEO

The lunar eclipse will occur at 7:33pm EST on February 10th, 2017 

The first major astrological event of 2017 is coming up this Friday evening, bringing a powerful energetic transition AND the sweetness of an astrological pentagram that carries additional favourable aspects! 

Each full moon represents an energetic culmination, that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives. Emotions can be heightened at the time of the full moon, bringing drama, conflicts or confrontation to a head. Lunar eclipses also generally involve relationships and transformation. This could signify couples being brought more closely together for example, or bringing relationships to an end (if they are not meant to be). The effects of the lunar eclipse can start to be felt 4 to 6 weeks leading up to the actual eclipse date, so you may have been feeling intense emotions or pressure building over this time (since around the beginning of January) which are culminating now.  

The lunar eclipse can propel you forward on your path or it can suddenly ‘jolt’ you onto a new destined path!  Transformation is a general theme during eclipse time and you may experience a shift in a brand new direction. If you have been considering major changes in your life, this is a time when the right choice can suddenly become perfectly clear. Reflect on signs or messages that have come to you and listen to your intuition. Surprises may be coming your way as well to help bring you on to your right path.  

The eclipse represents a major shift in energy that has been slowly coming in over the last 4-6 weeks and will be felt over the next 6 months. It also brings an end to the previous eclipse cycle from September 2016 in Pisces, the energy from which is now being resolved and can feel like it is being ‘washed away‘. The energy of Pisces is phasing out, and the energy of Leo is transitioning in. This is a time to be open to letting go, and to allow that which is ready to reach it’s full potential to transition to its ‘final stage.’

This lunar eclipse occurs at 22 degrees Leo, so the energy of Leo can bring even more emotional or relationship drama than a typical full moon, or a typical lunar eclipse!  Leo energy rules ‘true love’, so romantic relationships are especially susceptible to its influences. Leo also rules children, or our own ‘inner child’, or early childhood so the eclipse can also influence these fields of experience, and can manifest as an action, a revelation or a big decision. This Leo energy can also influence creative pursuits or passion projects, or a manifestation of coming into one’s own and expressing oneself authentically.  

The eclipse will be felt especially for those with their natal Sun or Moon in Leo or who otherwise have strong Leo or 5th house energy in their natal chart. Those with their natal Sun or Moon in Cancer or having strong Cancer or 4th house energy can also find they are heavily influenced by all of the Moon’s transits because the Moon rules the sign of Cancer and the 4th house.  

On the day of the full moon, we will also be experiencing a rare astrological pentagram involving the Sun, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn. The relationships between these planetary placements, and their signs, bring the following themes into the energy of the lunar eclipse; 

  • Personal transformation
  • Imagination, new learning or expanding horizons
  • A spiritual transformation or awakening
  • Advancement towards goals with caution and discernment (having a wise or realistic point of view)
  • Acting with integrity 
  • Speaking out or standing up for oneself 
  • Speaking out to protect others, especially children or those who are not able to protect themselves 
  • Having strong convictions and speaking the truth 
  • Having a strong sense of intuition and foresight 
  • Changes that bring about improvements in personal or intimate relationships

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