Solar Eclipse/New Moon Feb 26th, 2017 in PISCES 

The solar eclipse will occur at 9:58am EST on February 26th, 2017 

This mystical new moon solar eclipse in Pisces embodies romantic ideals, fantasy, and the transcendent connection between all living things; our subconscious collective. Following the lunar eclipse earlier this month in Leo (on Feb 10th), which occurred at the time of the full moon, this solar eclipse occurs with the new moon and brings new beginnings, attitudes and possibilities. The period of time up to 6 months following the new moon is a time for growth and a time when these seeds of change can take root. 


With the Sun and Moon conjunct at the eclipse, our emotions can be triggered and deep seeded truths can suddenly surface. The eclipse occurs at 8 degrees of Pisces and Neptune, the planet which also rules Pisces energy, will accompany this conjunction at 11 degrees of Pisces: this brings an especially intense experience of Pisces energy into the eclipse. Neptune is the romantic dreamer of the zodiac. It represents creativity, intuitive perception and an almost psychic energy because it represents the subconscious connection between all living things; all of the intelligence of humanity’s past. This energy is vast, overwhelming and elusive; it is almost impossible to describe with precision because it is the space where there is no precision at all. 

There are no absolute truths in the energy of Pisces – only infinite shades of grey. This energy represents truths that are accessed through FEELING, rather than through logic and reason.  

The February solar eclipse ushers in a cycle of creativity and a desire for connection that transcends our physical boundaries and superficial differences. It represents seeing ‘beyond borders’, and seeing a ‘oneness’ between past, present and future. This energy will spark the generation of new idealistic goals and visionary ambitions by dreamers around the world. A heightened sense of awareness of the conscious collective can lead to a more humanitarian outlook, and letting go of attachment to ones ego or material wealth – all of these lose form in the energy of Pisces. 

This energy represents bringing in new beginnings that will contribute to inner happiness and inner peace.  

Under the influence of Pisces, we do not need words to communicate, we see each other beyond the surface level. The source of true happiness comes from deep within. Sensitivity and a suddenly increased level of access to intuition will be heightened; you may also experience prophetic dreams or dreams related to your idealistic visions. 

If taken to the extreme, Moon conjunct Neptune represents the desire for escape, illusion and becoming deluded in fantasy. This is because the depth of Pisces energy is so overwhelming that it can lead to addiction as a pathway to escape from ones own consciousness and awareness. We can overcome this desire for escape by NOT trying to control it, by surrendering to the unknown, and accepting with compassion the emotional experience of infinite voices that come together as the beautiful and profound experience that defines the human condition; a symphony of voices simultaneously expressing joy, desire, sorrow, grief, pain, empathy, and love.  

Compassion is a mindfulness theme I have been exploring this month, for more reflections on compassion, click here


  • Follow your inner happiness, and allow yourself to have the space needed to access that level of awareness
  • Be open to mindful and spiritual practices especially those emphasizing gratitude, compassion and connection with all beings
  • Spend time in nature to experience a heightened sense of connection and appreciation of natural beauty
  • Embrace your unique forms of expression! Be open to creative expression and to exploring your own imaginative energy through writing, music, art and craftsmanship. Use your talents to create unique gifts for others to share your own uniqueness. Pick up a creative hobby that you once took pleasure in and see where it leads you – see these not as a measure of whether or not you possess a certain degree of talent but to derive fulfillment and to achieve connection with others
  • Allow yourself some alone time to access your own subconscious thoughts, and to gain a better understanding of your own inner happiness. Let yourself let go of old wounds and be open to making changes that will bring you more in line with your ideals
  • Show compassion and forgiveness for others. Give the gift of grace: kindness that is given without being earned 

The new moon each month represents new beginnings, the energy of new births, new projects and other new endeavours. You can channel support from the universe for your personal aspirations by using the energy of the new moon to carry your intentions. For more information about the new moon in Pisces and making wishes on this new moon, click here


Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries, opposing Jupiter in Libra 

Symbolizes instability in our motivations, sudden changes or surprises. It can trigger a shift in point of view or approach, a sudden change in one’s perception of self image, personal values or personal truth. It can represent seeing oneself as a more spiritual being, through the experience of instability or releasing the ego. A shift in thinking of one’s place in the larger collective and of one’s role (or responsibility) as contributing to the overall harmony of all living things. It can represent bold impulses or suddenly becoming more comfortable with change and transformation gained through a desire for harmony and the gaining of a new philosophical vantage point. It can bring a renewed sense of self-assurance, confidence, self-awareness and focus.  

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn 

Expansion and new opportunities that arise through letting go of the past. Letting go of the current ways that are not working to bring in new traditions or to look back to old traditions which were once coveted and that represented spiritual peace.  

South Node and Chiron in Pisces; North Node in Virgo 

The South Node and Chiron in Pisces represent a build up karmic energy and old wounds that can now be released; an experience of being closed off to ones faith or of purposely closing oneself off to their heightened sense of awareness. It represents the insurgence of compassion that must come from within and that is essential in order not to become paralyzed by such a deep and overwhelming experience of all human emotion. Releasing old wounds, and simultaneously experiencing this depth of emotion while refusing to become lost in it, accepting it, can become empowering and grounding. 

The North Node in Virgo represents a source of grounding and of healing energy that compliments the otherwise ethereal theme of this solar eclipse. There is a clarity, a sense of taking right action, to participate in transformation, healing and support of others. There can be a letting go of excess or a shifting of priorities in order to focus on what is essential and seeing how the necessary pieces fit together. 

Saturn in Sagittarius Trine both North Node in Virgo, and Uranus and Mars in Aries 

There is an overall alignment of purpose with ideals and personal values. Engaging and attracting like minded individuals and people connecting to collaborate on new visionary creations. 

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