Quick Recap of Sunday’s Solar Eclipse February 26th, 2017; 9:58am

Reflecting back on this past weekend, here is a final quick look at the key themes of Sunday’s solar eclipse. 

This solar eclipse will have effects that can be felt over the next month, and could also have been felt up to several weeks before. 

  • Feeling a sense of idealism, as the eclipse occured in the sign of Pisces – the sign of the dreamer 
  • Feeling a shift that softens anger and resentment; allowing for compassion and forgiveness. 
  • Seeing things from a different point of view (brought on by a Mars/Uranus conjunction on the same day) 
  • New beginnings and new opportunities (brought on by the new moon) 
  • Redemption or hope that comes after a long period of transformation or finally feeling optimistic after experiencing great loss (this is the final eclipse in the Pisces/Virgo series, and ends with the energy of new beginnings and hope)
  • Feeling overwhelmed or feeling a desire to escape

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Diana 🙂 

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