Experiencing the Bridge between February’s eclipses and Venus Retrograde in March 

Do you feel it? A confused, unsure or overwhelmed feeling; questioning yourself, your value or your path; experiencing trouble focusing or a vague lack of self confidence? I was feeling some if this myself today and trying to figure out why.

This is why awareness is key! It’s SO important to check in, notice subtle changes, and understand where they are coming from BEFORE we start to react. It dawned on me that this is the result of Sunday’s solar eclipse in Pisces (which can make us feel lost or overwhelmed) and the looming Venus retrograde that officially starts on Saturday (causing us to question our self-esteem). 

The solar and lunar eclipses in February can continue to be felt over the coming month and can affect individuals in different ways. One thing to note for the recent solar eclipse on Sunday in Pisces is that it can bring up an experience of feeling lost, confused or overwhelmed – feelings that lead to a desire for escape. The eclipse occured almost at the same placement as my natal moon at 8 degrees of Pisces which is why I may be feeling this more strongly. 

Also, as we are in the Venus retrograde pre-shadow period (Venus officially stations retrograde on Saturday morning), I’m getting prepared for challenges to be coming up related to our perception of self worth (more to come on Venus retrograde later this week, or check out my earlier blog article here). 

I have to say March is going to a be a challenging month astrologically, so try not to be hard on yourself. I encourage everyone to take any setbacks or frustrations in stride and remember the BIGGER picture. This is a time to release what no longer serves a purpose in our lives, and to realize how strong we are!  Also remember, these feelings will pass, so don’t lose sight of all you have achieved, and don’t lose hope that you ARE making progress towards your aspirations. 

I have been looking at the energies coming up and wondering, without being exactly sure, how I was going to be experiencing this Venus Retrograde. I think now that Venus retrograde is teaching me to take my work life less seriously. I experience setbacks because the universe is trying to show me that I don’t need it as much as I think I do. The satisfaction and fulfillment I seek will not come from that source; it comes from within. 

It’s something to reflect on over the next several weeks, and you can substitute ‘work life’ in my example with what it means for you: a relationship, someone you want to have a relationship with, a business venture or investment, or something related to your appearance and your idea of your own beauty it’s whatever that ‘thing’ is for you but Venus rules love, beauty (self worth) and money so this covers a lot!  

Think about what it means for you, and consider this: the lesson of Venus Retrograde is that love, approval and self-confidence are all experiences that we must give OURSELVES first to feel good. Not the other way around. 

Also check out my article from a few weeks ago on Understanding Venus Retrograde: Time to focus on Self Love ❤️ 

Peace 🙂


Note: the 2 photographs featuring artwork above were taken during my travels, at the Albertina museum in Vienna, Austria 

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