Key Dates and Astrological Transits in April

April starts out as a dicey month for relationships and finances.  Venus has been in retrograde since early March and remains in this phase until April 15th. In March, Venus in retrograde likely brought about frustrating times between you and your partner if you are in a relationship and/or financial pressure.  If you are focusing on resolving financial challenges, there is an opportunity for resolution around April 6th. While conservative growth related to financial matters is possible, it isn’t a good time to take risks or to make hefty new investments. This is more a time to ‘play by the rules’ and to rediscover balance in your life. Find joy in simple pleasures and spend time with your close circle of friends especially in the first week of the month.  

Even though it’s not a great time to start new projects, it is a great time for reflecting on your goals and plans, including personal, relationship and business aspirations. New ideas or creative breakthroughs may come to during this time, especially around April 7th when Jupiter is in opposition with the Sun.  

Your thoughts can be more focused on the true sources of your inner happiness as Venus shifts into Pisces April 3rd, and will stay there until April 28th. This can be a time to realign relationship goals with your personal values especially if you can establish open and honest communication with your partner. 

 If you are feeling unsure about the future of your relationship, be mindful that the first two weeks of April can bring especially impulsive behaviour, with Venus being it its final two weeks of retrograde and the Sun and Mercury in fiery Aries. Remember that Venus brings out the ‘dark side’ of love – including possessive or jealous behaviour, insecurity, infidelity or general feelings of mistrust. Try to keep your cool, as this is not a time to take rash action, but to observe your circumstances from a position of neutrality for now. Assess the strenghs and weaknesses in your relationships and give time to listen to your partner.   For more information about Venus retrograde and relationships, click here for some tips to help manage through this challenging energy.  

We are also in the Mercury retrograde shadow during the first week of the month, so it’s time to start slowing down as we prepare for the upcoming retrograde cycle. Mercury rules our ‘direct actions’ and communications. When it is in retrograde, it interferes with our ability to get things done, start new projects, or to make good decisions because in many cases we don’t have all the necessary facts. Leave space in the calendar for the unexpected, especially as the month progresses. If you have new projects that you’d like to get started, it’s best to wait until later in May (if you can) when we will be clear of both the Mercury and Venus retrograde energies and under VERY good stars for new ventures!!

A ‘cosmic tempest’ falls upon us around the time of the April full moon in Libra. This time period, from April 9th-16th, is a very good time to leave open in the calendar as it will be ripe for drama, surprises, and personal or relationship ‘breakthroughs’. Mercury officially stations retrograde on April 9th signalling us to slow down and reminding us that this is not a time to exert unnecessary effort to push things in our lives towards any specific outcome. During Mercury retrograde (from April 9th-May 3rd) we are reminded to surrender to the divine forces that guide perfect timing.  

The full moon on April 11th in Libra brings a ‘culmination’ especially for relationships and business partnerships but as it occurs during the final few days before Venus stations direct, it brings the pressure to an even more elevated level. Unresolved issues in relationships can definitely come to a head during this time and emotions can run very high. The Sun conjunct Uranus on April 11th and Venus conjunct Chiron on April 15th, the day it finally does station direct, can bring unexpected news, a sudden turn of events, or even a reconciliation. Venus conjunct Chiron can bring healing to a long standing ‘wound’ especially to something that you have been working through since the retrograde period started (as early as late January of this year).    

I’m optimistic about the prospect of what this positive healing energy can bring, and it’s an important reason why I caution against ‘cutting out’ of a commitment you are engaged in before this date, even if it seems that all is lost. Of course the situations for each individual are unique and influenced by your own personal experience and so it’s not possible to make an absolute generalization. In the end trust your gut, but what is important to understand about Venus retrograde is that it may have been bringing a cynical view or it may have been forcing you to see something that was  necessary to bring healing for yourself or for your relationship and while that might have been very painful to go through, you may start to see things differently as the retrograde energies slowly fade. The last 7 weeks have represented a journey that can bring tremendous outcomes when seen through to the end.  

As Venus is officially in forward motion as of the second half of the month and personal planet retrograde energies starts to diminish. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  Just remember that while this is good and optimistic news, the shift occurs slowly and Mercury is not officially out of retrograde until May 3rd (with post-retrograde shadow extending until May 21st). 

The Sun shifts into Taurus on April 19th, bringing a more grounding earth energy although surprises are still in the air. Mars enters Gemini on April 21st which, while it can bring restlessness for some, it can also bring a fun, energetic energy, intellectual stimulation and engagement with new ideas. Mark April 28th in your calendar, when Mercury (in retrograde and still in Aries) passes over Uranus and can bring unexpected news or other changes (try to avoid ‘firm plans’ on this date).  

The month ends on a reflective but optimistic note: take things easy as the residual effects of recent developments are still falling into place.  

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Remember, Venus retrograde is about SELF LOVE!  For more info on ‘rolling’ with this astrological cycle, click here! 


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