Slowing Down as Mercury Enters Taurus Today; Friday March 31st, 1:31pm EST 

Mercury enters Taurus today bringing a refreshing and more grounded energy. We feel more steady, more comfortable, and more loyal now; more sure of ourselves and feeling our personal values more strongly. Taurus energy is all about taking pleasure in earthly beauty and luxury; feeling sensual and enjoying the moment; expressing our natural beauty with style. 

Take some time to slow down this weekend. Relax and take pleasure in simple comforts, in nature, in the arts, in music, a delicious meal, a fine wine, in whatever appeals to your senses. Take in all that is beautiful to you and that makes you feel alive. 

Over the next couple of weeks, we are balancing the grounding influences of Mercury and Mars in Taurus with the fiery influences of the Sun and Venus in Aries.  Mercury will retrograde back into Aries later in the month and Venus still in retrograde continuing to bring out ‘dark side’ of love, creating pressure and drama, clouding judgement for our relationships and our finances.  But you should find yourself a little less impulsive now, more willing to plan ahead and take measured steps towards your goals. 

The message for now is to slow down and enjoy life as it is, without trying to force any changes. This grounded energy can also give us a fixed point, from which to ‘weather’ an overarching transformation that is occurring over the longer term. 

As we move into April, be sure that you will be able to see the pieces falling into place more clearly and for the best. 

Have a wonderful weekend.