Libra Full Moon, April 11th, 2017; 2:06am EST

The full moon in Libra, will occur Tuesday, April 11th, 20172:06am EST

A reflective full moon in Libra this April can bring balance and harmony into our lives, or it can bring our attention to the changes we must make now to achieve our true inner peace.

Moon in Libra

Libra as the Cardinal Air sign represents awareness – our awareness of the intellectual experience; our state of mind and the opinions of others.  It also represents our desire to use discourse and diplomacy to achieve balance, harmony and peace – the scales of justice associated with this sign symbolize balance, with each party receiving ‘an equal share’.  Libra energy represents agreement, cooperation and the achievement of mutually beneficial outcomes, qualities typically espoused by those typically born under this sign.  

Balance (give and take) and a focus on mutual goals are a strong foundation for making relationships successful and this is why Libra in the zodiac is so often associated with romantic partnerships.  Libra however also rules our own personal balance, our ability to experience harmony through the achievement of our own personal goals so that we can feel an internal sense of peace.  When the moon is in Libra, we are more focused on achieving harmony, either by focusing on the needs of others or by bringing our own lives into greater balance.

The Full Moon

The full moon can trigger heightened emotions and can definitely lead to confrontations when emotions become so strong that they can no longer be contained or repressed.  With this full moon in Libra, the potential for conflict is especially strong in romantic partnerships or other key partnerships in our lives.  If there is not a true balance of give and take or if the relationship is not yielding a benefit on both sides of the scale, that is going to create pressure during this full moon.

Full moons represent an energetic culmination that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives.  When the moon is full, we can feel the satisfaction of being able to also achieve ‘fullness’ by completing and resolving something in our lives associated with the moon’s sign.  Otherwise, we will feel the uncomfortable experience of being ‘out of sync’ where those aspects associated with the sign are not actually resolved.

Achieving Internal Balance

During a full moon, we typically associate the experience of ‘completion’ with some kind of physical resolution, like finishing a project or task. But the influence of Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter in retrograde during this full moon, sends us the the message to look inside of ourselves for resolution.  It is likely that during this full moon, the experience of completion with will manifest as in internal revelation or ‘catharsis’.

Now is a time to realize what we really want, our true values and priorities, and to sort our our personal blocks to inner happiness.  During this full moon, we can see more clearly the symptoms of unresolved inner conflict which we have been projecting outwardly into the world.  When we do not have balance internally, it is reflected in our lives through drama, relationship conflicts or other forms of disorder.  Our thoughts are energies that we project out into the world, which are reflected back to us by the people and circumstances that we attract.

Astrological Transits Influencing this Libra Full Moon 

Many of the astrological transits accompanying this full moon point to and reinforce a similar message 

Moon in Libra, conjunct Jupiter (Retrograde) in Libra

Jupiter in retrograde in Libra (from February-June of this year), is bringing focus to our own personal philosophies; a questioning of our relationship ideals or the sources of harmony and balance in our lives.  The moon becoming full while conjunct Jupiter can amplify that emotional experience but can also bring resolution in the form of answers to these questions.

Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries opposing Moon conjunct Jupiter in Libra

The Sun will be conjunct Uranus on April 14 and the proximity of this conjunction to the April full moon means that we can already start to feel its effects. The Sun/Uranus conjunction in Aries represents taking action and specifically focusing on personal changes.  The Sun and Uranus opposing the Moon and Jupiter represent taking personal action, and seeing clearly what needs to occur in order to achieve physical and emotional balance. 

Venus (retrograde) in Pisces square Saturn (retrograde) in Sagittarius

young couple in love at the full moon

Venus in Pisces represents the subconscious mind, clear of internal conflicts and contradictions.  Venus in retrograde, represents forgiveness of ourselves and discovering greater self love in order to achieve internal peace.  Saturn in retrograde brings a re-evaluation of our personal values and belief systems and in Sagittarius, it represents the opportunity to access our personal truth through recognizing our personal values. 

The square between Venus and Saturn represents that while there is disorder with one, there will always be disorder with the other; that while we are not living truly in accordance with our own personal beliefs, those contradictions will manifest as stress and ‘disease’ of the mind.  In order to take action to build stability and security in our lives, we must resolve the disorder that exists when our personal values are not in line with our external pursuits.

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Moon in Libra Square Pluto in Capricorn 

img_1618-1This aspect signals that any conflict between our short-term and long-term goals will be felt strongly and must be resolved.  Short-term desires may be sacrificed now for the sake of the ultimate vision.  

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