Scorpio Full Moon May 10, 2017; 5:54pm EST 












It’s a powerful full moon in Scorpio this May and a time to dare ourselves to be truly vulnerable


In general, each full moon represents an energetic culmination that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives. Scorpio energy represents sex, death, rebirth, power and power struggles, marriage relationships, shared resources, intense intuition and our deepest darkest emotions. During a Scorpio full moon, it’s the emotions we are trying hardest to conceal that are at risk of being exposed.  So this is a time to embrace your vulnerability and remove your mask to the world, perhaps even just to remind yourself of those desires and fears that lie deep within. Accessing this side of yourself can lead to intense intimacy in a relationship or to a creative outpour.

During this watery full moon and especially if the Sun is in a water sign in your birth chart (Scorpio, Pisces, or Cancer) or if you have a lot of water otherwise in your chart you can feel incredibly perceptive during the days just before and after the full moon.  You will more easily sense the emotions and motivations behind what people say.  You will be more in tune with your intuition, which can lead to a sudden revelation.

Scorpio energy also represents obsession and obsessive behaviour so this can be a time when you are very fixated on a particular idea.  Be careful however about being stuck in a cynical or negative mindset which can also happen during a Scorpio moon.  Scorpio also rules your dark desires, curiosity and fantasies, so it’s possible for this full moon to bring out your ‘kinky’ or experimental side.

This full moon will also influence power struggles in romantic relationships or other relationships involving shared resources such as money. With Juno conjunct Pluto, both in retrograde and in a sextile to the moon hours before it is officially full, we are compelled to reflect on how power dynamics are playing out in our committed relationships. This may be a time to admit a truth that has been unacknowledged or lying ‘beneath the surface’ up until this point. Also, watch out for having expectations of others that are so high that they place a burden on the relationship, or for making sacrifices when you do not have agreement on a  mutually beneficial outcome. Struggles that have been ongoing in relationships will have the opportunity to reach a final resolution.

At the other end of the spectrum, you may be compelled to take a stand for yourself, asserting your boundaries in a particular relationship. If this is something you do need to face, try to do so in an upfront way.  Confrontation can be very intimidating but you will achieve the best outcome when you can avoid ‘beating around the bush‘ and can enter into a dialogue that begins by clearly, compassionately and objectively laying your priorities.  This can be a good time to face fears associated with saying what you want, expect and need.

New relationships might evolve to a more intense level of connection with this full moon, sparking passion and feelings of deep connection – lovers finding themselves intoxicated with lust and a feeling of deep intimacy, getting ‘lost in love’.  Remember that while we are still influenced by Venus’ post-retrograde shadow, relationships entering a new level of commitment during this time are less likely to continue in the long-term. But short, passionate love affairs can definitely come to a peak right now.

Scorpio energy represents our internal scars, the painful memories that we hold onto and yet we are afraid to fully feel. Leave space in your calendar for unexpected events or to be flexible with emotions that come up so you don’t have  to face the stress of ‘time-bound’ commitments, especially between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday at midday. Scorpio also rules vengeance and revenge – the destructive power we possess when an overwhelming experience of pain turns to anger. As emotions swell during this time, there is a risk of ‘misusing’ power to achieve personal objectives. Check out my reflection on Compassion as an Alternative to Anger to help you with managing the triggers that lead us to act on our powerful personal experiences sadness, disappointment and grief. 

The Sun now in Taurus reminds us to build with love as our motivation instead of letting anger overcome us.   We can focus on love and our power to create although it may mean compromising for a solution that is less than desirable. During this full moon, try to consider the alternatives to ‘going nuclear’.

Peace and Blessings 🙂

The Stargazing Yogi

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