Key Dates & Astrological Transits in May! 

It’s finally time to come out of retrograde ‘fog’ and get ready for an uplifting boost in May!

Monthly Horoscopes for each Zodiac Sign 

This month brings in a refreshing optimistic energy that is supportive of new projects, travel, having adventures, pursuing hobbies and other creative outlets. Mercury retrograde ends May 3rd, and by May 21st we will be (finally!) clear of the post retrograde shadows for both Mercury and Venus (which went direct on April 15th).  May is a time to finish off any projects that you have been working on over the last few months and to get ready for a new chapter to begin as the warmer weather ushers in.

Mercury stationed retrograde on April 9th and this astrological cycle (which extends to May 19th although gradually decreasing in intensity after May 3rd) affects communication, electronics (especially your phones, personal computers, cars, etc.) and short-distance travel. When you have tight, inflexible plans, are doing something for the first time, or trying to juggle too much on your plate are the times when the influences of Mercury retrograde seem to ‘kick in’ the most and sideswipe you off track. It’s time to expect the unexpected and remember to ‘go with the flow’. Personal planet retrograde energies (such as those of Mercury, Venus or Mars) signal us to cool down our jets, be more present in the moment and take care of unfinished business – so bide your time until the stars are once again bringing you that strong forward momentum! For a 2017 retrograde calendar and more information on how to use retrograde energy to your advantage, click here

Venus retrograde has been affecting romantic relationships, business endeavors, money matters such as our spending habits and debt, and our personal feelings of self esteem since the beginning of the pre-retrograde shadow on January 29th (Venus officially stationed retrograde on March 4th, click here for more info). As we are now in the final stage of this retrograde cycle, which only occurs every 18 months, you will start to gain clarity in your affairs related to love, money and personal image. During the month of April, you may have felt especially discouraged or anxious, and it is common to feel a lowered sense of self-confidence; In May, it’s a great time to remind yourself that those ‘heavy’ energies are starting to lift.

Remember that during this time, Venus is challenging you to give yourself extra ‘self love’, to accept more credit for your strengths, accomplishments and the positive influence that you have on those around you. Don’t be so hard on yourself! You will feel your confidence starting to be restored as the month progresses.

While May does start bringing relief to the challenges that you may have been experiencing over the last few months in your romantic relationships, be mindful of this Scorpio Full Moon on May 10th which can still bring up underlying issues that need to be addressed especially in marriage or other committed relationships and especially related to emotions that have been suppressed for a long time. It’s a good idea to confront these well before the full moon occurs so you are less susceptible to the heightened emotions that tend to influence us during that time. Having said that, the Scorpio Full Moon can also be an exciting time for new relationships – check out my article on May’s Full Moon in Scorpio for more info!

There is a general shift in May from Taurus to Gemini energy which brings an increase in activity and is a great time for being out and about in the neighborhood. The New Moon occurs in Gemini May 25th and is a great time to make your new moon wishes related to quick thinking, resourcefulness, improved communication (how you speak or write), new friends, or learning opportunities. The opposition between Mars and Saturn on Memorial Day (May 29th) helps you to reconnect with your priorities in life and let go of that which does not authentically reflect your heart’s intentions.

A key transition of the North Node into Leo occurs this month, reminding you over the next year and a half to be fulfilled by the purest joys of life, true love, children, curiosity and child-like wonder. This is a time to release judgement, express your creative fun-loving side and to let go of taking yourself too seriously and this shift is complimented by a grand trine in Fire that prevails throughout the month, bringing the energy of taking action and trying new things.

After May 21st, take advantage of the next 9 weeks to start any projects or other new launches that you have been holding off on during the heavy personal planet retrogrades we’ve been experiencing since December ’16. This is your time as we won’t be influenced by personal planet retrograde again until the Mercury pre-shadow period that starts on July 24th.