….She’s Baaaack!

Yes.  I am ‘back’…. 

After almost 2 months offline, disconnected from my blog and most of my business activities, I am slowly re-emerging.  Having said that, I am feeling so revitalized and excited to re-engage!  I hadn’t realized how much change was coming before this transformation started but looking back I see that it was all so necessary for the next chapter of my life to begin (and for which I am eternally grateful!)

IMG_1426Over the last few months I’ve been through a massive life overhaul: I packed my belongings and drove across the continent to my new home, untied myself from a long-term-soul-entangled relationship and made the decision to shift my career fully toward coaching and counseling.  WOW!  I feel like I’ve pushed the ‘reset’ button on my whole life.  Now I’m stepping into the ‘unknown’ and I feel great about it.

Some more exciting developments for my website are also in the works and coming soon – so stay tuned! And more to come very soon for July and August astrology ‘vibes’ and tips, yogi philosophy and spiritual guidance to help you achieve greater self awareness and empowerment.  Having said that, unfortunately I was not able to get horoscopes out in time for July.  I’m very sorry! I CAN say that I will fully resume in August and hope to even get them out a little early.

For now, I hope you are getting excited because July is going to be a sizzling summer month – a time for love, adventure and creativity!  See you soon on Facebook, Instagram and right here!

Wishing you many blessings!


~ The Stargazing Yogi