Capricorn Full Moon July 9, 2017; 12:07am EST 

In general, each full moon represents an energetic culmination that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives. Capricorn energy represents our desire for respect and recognition, our career life, our accomplishments and the rewards that come with success.  It represents our ‘place’ in the world and our ambition.  Capricorn energy also represents leadership, organization and delegation – the ability to break down tasks into practical steps and to see the path to achieve our goals.

The best outcome of the Capricorn full moon will be bringing the discipline needed to take a significant goal over the finish line, especially something related to work or leadership.  Capricorn energy can also bring the ability to see a situation from a more practical perspective and to overcome the emotions triggered when one is faced with an especially daunting task.  Venus in Gemini also makes a favorable angle with Mercury in Leo representing resourcefulness and creativity.  This brings the potential to see new options that have not been considered, to think ‘out of the box’ or to ask for help from the right person.

leap of faith concept elephant jumping across a crevasseThe biggest message of this full moon is that change, letting go of the past and taking a leap of faith, are necessary elements of our growth and evolution.  This full moon can bring the gift of becoming more sure of ourselves and finding the ability to stay grounded through a time of transition.  With the Sun and Mars in Cancer opposing both Pluto and the Moon in Capricorn, we are more acutely aware of our hearts’ desires.  Meanwhile the pressure created by opposing forces in Cancer and Capricorn signal that in order to pursue what we desire most, we MUST let go of our past.  This full moon is about realizing what needs to be released now in order to move forward.  It allows us to realize that the scars of our past mistakes and traumas do not define us so.  We no longer give them the power to hold us back.

Another key aspect influencing this full moon represents a link to our life’s calling.  Saturn is currently in a trine with the North Node and, in fact, several of the last few full moons have occurred when Saturn, the North Node and Uranus were making trines to each other in Fire signs (Saturn in Sagittarius, the North Node in Leo and Uranus in Aries).  Fire represents action, decisions and new experiences and these heavenly bodies represent change, discipline, our long-term goals and our life path.  They are bringing developments that support our ability to achieve our greatest accomplishments!  We have a greater potential now for finding that unique niche where we can express all of our gifts and strengths.  This is a time to realize we may be far closer than we thought we were to achieving our long-term goals. It’s such a potent time to take steps towards manifesting our dreams!

Since emotional impulses can be exaggerated during the time of the full moon, we must also watch out for the possibility that our egos will be tempted by excessive ambition, insensitivity, expressing harsh judgement or being overly critical of oneself. We must avoid over-simplifying a situation by failing to take relationships or personal circumstances into account.  Since Capricorn energy also represents authority figures, the potential is greater during the full moon to rebel or ‘lash out’ against a parent or boss.  One way to manage this is to proactively confront an issue that is ‘brewing’ as early as possible before July 9th.


Key Messages for this Full Moon:

  • Take a project or work-related goal over the finish line!
  • If you are frustrated with a lack of success at work, ask yourself if what you are doing is truly in line with your personal ambitions. This is a time to realize the difference between what you need to feel truly fulfilled and what you believe is ‘expected’ of you.
  • Look ahead with optimism! Now is the time to let go of dwelling on the past with self-criticism or guilt.
  • TAKE ACTION! This month is such an amazing time to pursue our dreams and make progress on all of our ambitions!  The time is NOW!

Peace and Blessings!

~ The Stargazing Yogi




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