Key Dates and Astrological Transits for July 2017

As the Sun moves through the sign of Cancer in July, we have a greater opportunity to gain clarity on matters of the heart, our own emotional needs and awareness of that which will bring us the greatest internal happiness and fulfillment.  At the same time however, we are being challenged to become more objective about our emotions, to acknowledge them as an important element of our reality while maintaining a sense of perspective of the overall whole.

A key theme for some of you this month is gaining greater awareness of your emotional needs and listening to your intuition, while for others you will be challenged to gain greater resilience to your emotional highs and lows.

Mercury in Cancer squares Uranus in Aries on July 4th bringing greater potential for feelings of instability that overshadow productivity.  On July 5th the Sun in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces and squares Jupiter in Libra, further heightening emotions and challenging our objective senses.  This is where balancing the elements comes into play!   Draw strength from Venus in Taurus to help keep you grounded: maintain your commitment to your personal values and beliefs and tend to your routine, personal business, work around the house or other personal needs that you may have been neglecting in the recent past.  Favor that which helps you build greater stability in your life.

For those of you who normally resist engaging with your emotional side, you can benefit from giving yourself some time and space this month, especially aroundJuly 13th-20th, to let your guard down.  This can be an overwhelming couple of days and will affect everyone a little differently so it’s a good time to spend on your own or with those you trust and set an intention to reconnect with your ‘authentic self’.  This is a time when deep-seeded emotions or fears can emerge from the subconscious mind, ready to be confronted and released.  For some, the experience of feeling pain from the past will be frightening enough!  Remember that this is a time to lean into that which scares us the most for it will bring tremendous learning and inner strength.  Welcome this opportunity to discover what is on the other side of the things you fear most.

Over the course of the month, energies shift from Cancer into Leo, bringing more playful, expressive, and adventurous vibes.  An exciting energy in the second half of the month brings great potential for romance and passion when Mars enters Leo on July 20th, while Venus is in spontaneous and social Gemini!  This can be a time for sparks to fly on a new love or for a sizzling summer fling (or more than one!)  It’s a time to feel young at heart!

I must also caution however to watch out for the exaggerated expressions of this energy which will bring a heightened sense of drama, restlessness, impatience and the desire to ‘act out’ for attention.  If you’re throwing a big summer party on the weekend of July 21st especially, be prepared for a greater chance that things will get out of control, or know that this is going to be the ‘party of the summer’ which people will be talking about for months!

Another great aspect about July is that the days leading up to July 24th are an EXCELLENT time to launch new projects and make progress towards your long-term goals.  The full moon in Capricorn earlier in the month can serve to help you see a way through the obstacles you are facing on the path to your success.  All of the required steps become clear and an achievable plan can be seen. This can also be a time for becoming more aware of and aligned with personal values especially related to career.

The month rounds out with the Mercury entering Virgo July 25th, and the start of the Mercury Retrograde pre-shadow July 24th, meaning that it won’t be a good time to push forward with new ventures again until the 3rd week of September.  So embrace the shift and it easy!  This will be a time to slow down.  

And even though the care-free energy of Leo will have started to quiet down by this time, the key message for these last few days of the month is to enjoy the moment.  Late July and into August a great time of year for the type of vacations where you just relax and where the days melt into each other, where you can enjoy nature and your surroundings and leave plenty of room for the serendipity that will come with unexpected surprises.   

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