Happy 4th of July!

Did you know George Washington was born under idealistic Pisces, on the cusp to rebellious, humanitarian Aquarius??

Photo credit: NASA

It’s true!  George Washington was born on February 22, 1732.  This means that his Sun was on the cusp between Pisces and Aquarius – representing a blend of idealism and vision with leadership, rebellious defiance and the passion to fight for the greater good of society.

His Mercury was in Aquarius (on the cusp to Capricorn), bringing determination and the strength to stand up and speak out for truth and justice, along with a practical and organized mind for leadership and delegation.   His North Node was in Sagittarius, on the cusp to Capricorn meaning that his highest purpose in life was to lead, to empower others and to rebel against common opinion, to follow his intuition and to speak words that bring a higher truth to the world.  WOW!

Happy Independence Day!  Today, let’s celebrate the remarkable characteristics of the many leaders we look up to.