Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Aug 7th, 2017 in AQUARIUS

The Lunar Eclipse will occur at 2:11pm EST on Monday, August 7th, 2017 

It’s a rebellious Lunar Eclipse this August that challenges us to embrace our personal truths and our unique individuality.  This Eclipse represents a key message of bringing your authentic self out into the world and fully claiming your destiny.

About Eclipses:

Lunar Eclipses occur on the Full Moon approximately every 6 months, when the earth is directly in line with the opposing Sun and Moon.  Lunar eclipses generally involve relationships, transformation and the experience of receiving news or having important realizations.  This is a time when plans can suddenly change and relationships can take a turn in a new direction.  It’s important to know however that eclipses tend to bring changes that are in line with our life path: in a sense you can think about it as a time when something comes to bring you ‘back on track’.   If you have been considering major changes in your life, this is a time when the right choice can suddenly become perfectly clear.

Similar to Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses bring a sense of heightened emotions.  They can be especially dramatic when we have been resisting change or avoiding something we know to be true and which can no longer be denied.  The more we have been suppressing the truth, the greater the potential for the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon to trigger the subconscious urge to set it free.

The effects of the Lunar Eclipse can start to be felt 4 to 6 weeks leading up to the actual eclipse date, so you may have been feeling intense emotions or pressure building over this time (anytime beginning from the end of June, through the month of July).

The Eclipse can also represent a time when something you have been working towards finally comes to completion or begins a new chapter so it’s a time to allow that which is ready to reach its full potential or to transition to the next stage.

The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius:

This can be an exciting time for manifesting your goals or for something to come into your life that makes your dreams possible!

As Eclipses represent a time of transformation, it’s important to be open to shifting beliefs and desires. The Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius represents a vibrant, rebellious energy and a desire for change that requires us to let go of traditional structures and conventions which may be holding us back. This is a time to be open to endings and new beginnings, having faith that change will ultimately bring you positive outcomes.

Key Themes of the Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius:

  • Taking the steps to realize your ‘big dreams’ and finding the courage to express your authentic self without fear of judgement
  • Feeling pressure to make long-needed changes in your life and the willingness to take steps now in a new direction
  • Letting go of what you feel you ‘ought’ to do in favor of pursuing individual passions
  • Gaining clarity of what you are willing to give of yourself in relationships
  • Finding true love or taking steps that enable an important relationship to enter into your life
  • Having a more objective view of your place in the world and realizing how your unique abilities can benefit others
  • Gaining a greater understanding of universal truths that give your life greater meaning
  • Gaining perspective and objectivity, perhaps learning not to take things so seriously
  • Finding community with those who share your personal ideals
  • Advancements in work that is related to technology, communication and the internet
  • Scientific breakthroughs, invention, innovation and problem solving

Astrological Aspects during the August Lunar Eclipse:

This Lunar Eclipse occurs at 15 degrees of Aquarius with the Moon approaching conjunction to the South Node.  The Sun is still under the influence of its recent conjunction with Mars in Leo which has been bringing the theme of self-expression and authenticity and to the forefront.  This energy brings the potential to find your place in the world by pursuing your personal joy or letting out your ‘inner child’.  When you release yourself from old structures or conventions, you set off a chain reaction of events that brings important people, relationships and opportunities into your life.  You also gain the ability to inspire and empower others in the process.

img_1618-7Jupiter in Libra brings up the theme of relationships and Jupiter making favorable aspects to both the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius at the time of the Eclipse especially supports intense love relationships, or relationships with soulmates.  It can represent the experience of finding or strengthening a relationship with your ‘true love’.

There is also a strong theme of female energy and female wisdom associated with this Lunar Eclipse.  Mercury is conjunct Vesta in Virgo and will soon be in retrograde – signaling that it is time to slow down, to take a more passive, feminine approach and be open to the intuitive senses.  Mercury conjunct Vesta and trining Pallas in Taurus further represents the importance of wisdom from feminine influences.  Venus and Ceres conjunct in Cancer and sextile Mercury and Vesta reinforce this theme again; it can be a time to step into a role of service now and realize your ability to nurture and share the wisdom of your experiences.   This energy also represents the experience of reconnecting with your ‘roots’, with mother or mother figures, knowing who you are, where you come from and what is truly important.

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