August Horoscopes!

Select your Sun or Rising Sign: 

ARIES (and Aries RISING)

TAURUS (and Taurus RISING)

GEMINI (and Gemini RISING)

CANCER (and Cancer RISING)

LEO (and Leo RISING)

VIRGO (and Virgo RISING)

LIBRA (and Libra RISING)

SCORPIO (and Scorpio RISING)

SAGITTARIUS (and Sagittarius RISING)

CAPRICORN (and Capricorn RISING)

AQUARIUS (and Aquarius RISING)

PISCES (and Pisces RISING)


FREE Children’s Astrology Readings! 

I’m thrilled to announce that I am offering a limited-time promotion for FREE astrology readings for children!  When I first became passionate about astrology as a key to understanding ourselves, one of my biggest areas of focus was on how we can use it to identify our potential greatest gifts and talents, and I would like to help parents to reveal these gifts as early as possible in their children!

In a child’s reading, I focus on key personality traits, fundamental needs, motivators, strengths to encourage and greatest potential for life-path opportunities. Each reading for children includes a copy of your child’s natal chart, a 45 minute podcast recording and a 2-page written summary.  Click here to sign up and secure your spot as this offer is only available for a limited time! Thank you!

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