Jupiter square Pluto creates ‘Pressure for Change’ Aug 4th, 2017

Jupiter/Pluto square reinforces a theme this month of feeling the pressure for change, and the experience of transformation from the ‘inside out’.

An astrological square between Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn culminates today, but the entire range for this transit is from June 23-August 31st and definitely has the potential to influence this August us as the eclipses reach their epitome (the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will be Aug 7th and New Moon/Solar Eclipse is on Aug 21st.)

Jupiter has been in Libra since October 2016 and has been influencing us to explore new ways to bring balance and harmony into our lives during that time.  Pluto in Capricorn represents change and transformation over a much longer-term, especially relating to our perceptions of success, respect and recognition.  Pluto represents radical change and even ‘destruction’, and now in retrograde really reinforces the theme of change from the ‘inside out’ as it challenges our long-standing personal beliefs (when a planet is in retrograde, it’s energy encourages us to focus more into ourselves).

Pluto is encouraging us to reflect on our personal values, the ideals to which we are ‘attached’ but which a20543697_467256036980573_8792253175574062725_olso have the effect of holding us back.  This is the energy of challenging traditional structures and conventions, which will be reinforced on Monday with the Lunar Eclipse in rebellious Aquarius.  These energies will further influence each Sun sign differently but the general energy is about recognizing that in order to truly manifest our desires (and allow the superfluous energy of Jupiter to take us to new heights!), we must surrender to what also ‘falls away’ as a necessary element of that transformation.