Solar Eclipse in Leo – Monday, August 21st; 2:30pm EST

Themes of the Solar Eclipse in Leo this Monday are new beginnings, embracing new forms of expression, feeling impulsive, breaking free, breaking through, releasing, taking steps towards a new dream, creativity, finding love or other sources of pure unadultered joy.

The Eclipse occurs at 2:30pm on Monday, August 21st EST; double check for the exact time of the Eclipse in your location! 

This Eclipse is also very much about luck and especially about lucky opportunities.  Think back – surprises, new relationships or other unexpected opportunities that have come up over the last 4-6 weeks have been its early gifts.  This astrological event represents NEW BEGINNINGS – as does each new moon but now with the eclipse it is amplified.  For many of you, this Eclipse represents the start of new adventures.

The Eclipse is also emotional so if intense feelings are coming up for you now (I especially noticed those born under the sign of Cancer feeling it as the moon was passing over those natal placements this weekend – wow!  And those born in Leo will especially be feeling it as of midday Sunday), give yourself permission to ‘time out’ and feel into them.  Take some quiet time and allow yourself to explore the deeper recesses of your mind, perhaps an old memory or unacknowledged desire.

This is a time for CHANGE, and sometimes all we can do is surrender to its current; surrender, observe & receive. With Mercury in retrograde now the energy of ‘receiving’ is strong and this can be a frustrating source of conflict during the experience of this Eclipse. The fiery Eclipse in Leo burns our passions and ignites the ego – setting us with a desire to take action. But then the energy of Mercury, which is stagnated in retrograde, interferes with these fired up urges. You might feel impulses but find that the efforts to act on them are seeming to go sideways. Or, you may feel the pull of Mercury retrograde calling you to slow down, while inside your emotions are raging.

Surrendering, observing and being open to receiving are the best positions to take to manage this energy and be able to ‘roll with it’.  Instead of succumbing to a sense of pressure to act now, use the energy of the Solar Eclipse to set your intentions for what you want ultimately want to manifest, keeping faith and curiosity in your heart.  Mercury in Virgo, almost at the midheaven at the time of the Eclipse, also brings the theme of ‘service’ into any revelations that are coming up now so ask yourself how you can use your unique gifts and talents to truly benefit those around you. This can be a time for learning to have a greater appreciation for your value in the world and in your community.

Peace 🙏🏼

Stargazing Yogi 

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