Pisces Full Moon September 6, 2017; 3:03am EST 

In general, each full moon represents an energetic culmination that manifests with specific things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives. Pisces energy represents the unconscious mind, compassion, empathy, selflessness or losing oneself, the spiritual connection we share with all living things, intuition and having awareness of the ‘big picture’ including past, present and future.

This full moon is about becoming more connected and aware of the big picture, your BIG dreams and the true sources of your inner happiness.  It is about embracing your unique identity, your heart’s desires and becoming more secure and comfortable in your own skin.

Unicorn standing on the cliffAugust was an especially ‘charged’ month with the Solar and Lunar eclipses, which may have brought dramatic changes or surprises, or just a more general sense of questioning and unrest.  Now, with the full moon in Pisces, you have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how seemingly random circumstances are meant to come together to advance your journey.

This full moon brings a newfound sense of perspective and involves becoming more confident with your role in the grand scheme of life.  It brings an energetic experience of ‘coming home’ to yourself, which allows you to achieve a greater sense of self-assurance and connection with your personal roots.  Now is the time to let go of ‘apologizing’ for who you are and realize that your true value lies in all that makes you unique.  This full moon represents embracing who you are as imperfect.

The conjunction between the full moon and Neptune represents feeling a strong emotional connection to your ideals (it can also bring up strong emotions associated with ‘victimhood’ and the desire to be saved).  Pisces energy is intense and complex, so this energy brings the potential to feel yourself pulled into an emotional chasm.  Be mindful of your susceptibility to ‘catastrophizing’, nihilistic thinking, escapism or a tremendous sense of being overwhelmed by the state of affairs in the world.

Pisces energy is introspective, and this full moon in Pisces can also bring tremendous insights, wisdom and revelation.  It can bring up to your conscious awareness an undeniable truth which you have either been avoiding or denying.  Another potential manifestation is that it can simply bring up a heightened sense of spiritual awareness where you have otherwise been focused on the day-to-day details and routines of ordinary life.

There is an energetic opposition during this full moon that represents finding a sense of security and ‘groundedness’ while at the same time feeling a tremendous sense of doubt and uncertainty.  You may feel more than ever a lack of control over your circumstances which can hold you back from taking risks or from fully engaging with life, however one of the key experiences associated with this full moon is transcendence of the need for physical sources of security, either through material possessions, status or financial abundance as pursuits in and of themselves.  This is a time to feel a greater sense of connection with all human life thus alleviating any experiences of isolation or loneliness.

Key Messages for this Full Moon:

  • Accept who you are! Give yourself permission to be more open about your desires and your ideals even if it sets you apart from the crowd.
  • Dream big! This is a great time to set your sights on your next big goals and get clear about your vision for the future.
  • Ground yourself – if you are feeling overwhelmed, give yourself the gift of time and space alone to gain perspective.
  • Be open to a shift in your mindset and the possibility that the solution to a problem you are facing is the more simple than you think, although it may involve admitting a truth you would rather not confront.
  • Emotions are heightened now so avoid making impulsive decisions!
  • Forgiveness, compassion and generosity are called for now. This is a great time to make amends or to ‘extend an olive branch’ where relationships have been tested lately.

Peace and Blessings!

~ Stargazing Yogi