Your Virgo New Moon Wishes! September 20th, 2017; 1:30am EST

Each new moon symbolizes new beginnings, manifestation of our dreams into reality, change and transformation.  As it occurs in a different sign each month, the new moon represents opportunities for growth in these areas of our lives.



Understanding astrology means learning to flow with astrological rhythms and taking advantage of Astrological Power Periods that can assist with manifesting your dreams! Each new moon is a special time to ask the universe for support for your desires for the future.

When you make a wish, you feel hope, desire and intention. Your thoughts, emotions (and wishes) create energies that you send out into the universe and through the law of attraction, the universe works to echo the same energy back to you to make your wish come true. When you make a wish on the new moon, the energy of ‘new beginnings’ AMPLIFIES the energy of the wish you are making – it gives your wish more power to manifest!

The New Moon in Virgo will occur at 1:30am EST on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 (or overnight on Tuesday, September 19th).  Be sure to double check for the timing of the new moon in your location!  

What to wish for when the New Moon is in Virgo:

The New Moon in Virgo is especially supportive of wishing for things like:

  • Improved physical health 
  • Improving health habits including diet and exercise routines
  • Better self control and the ability to let go of addictive behavior
  • Alignment to ‘your calling’ and success in finding the right job
  • Better discipline and adherence to routines
  • Finding the right doctors and healers who can cure your ailments
  • A more positive attitude towards work responsibilities
  • Greater self-confidence at work
  • Having a more ‘proactive’ attitude when things need to get done – releasing the tendency to procrastinate
  • The ability to stay ‘on task’ with goals and commitments
  • Improved relationships with co-workers
  • Bringing order out of chaos: the ability to organize and see the individual steps more clearly to move forward
  • Creating neatness and ‘order‘ at work or at home
  • Better punctuality
  • To be more responsible for oneself
  • Staying on top of daily tasks or administrative duties that tend to get out of hand
  • Greater focus under pressure
  • Ability to stay in the present moment 
  • Releasing the pressure for perfection 
  • Quieting the inner dialogue of criticism or self-judgement 
  • Improved digestion (Virgo rules the digestive system)
  • Letting go of long-held trauma, stress, worrying or blame

Suggestions for wishes on the September 20th, 2017 New Moon: 

This can be a very healing and cathartic new moon!  With a key opposition between the Sun and Moon in Virgo to Chiron in Pisces, there is an overarching theme of being released from your own self-criticism and self-doubt.  This is a time to pause and recognize the wonderful things you have accomplished in the past year, even though you may not feel like you have lived up to all of your aspirations.  Are you holding yourself to a standard that is unrealistically high and then beating yourself up based on a perception of ‘failure’?  You might want to wish to be released from judging yourself too harshly and to realize how you can help the people around you even while your own evolutionary journey is still unfolding.  You can also wish for the ability to bring healing to your own personal scars by finding ways to serve others, and set the intention to do so going forward.  Finally, this is a great time to wish for forgiveness and a greater sense of empathy that can soften tense relations with loved ones or family, by allowing yourself to accept the failings of others.  


Tips for Making Wishes!

  1. The best time to make your new moon wishes is as close to the time of the new moon as possible or within 8 hours (before or after), however the opportunity period does last up to 48 hours.
  2. Find a quiet space to reflect on your new moon wishes and allow any hidden desires to surface through your intuition. You might be surprised at what comes up!
  3. WRITE DOWN your new moon wishes on paper!
  4. Make each wish, distinctly FEELING the feeling of each wish coming true. It is the act of feeling each wish that is needed to send the wish energy out to the universe. Remember when you made wishes as a young child on your birthday? It’s the same feeling of hope and desire that you had making wishes as a child.
  5. You can have up to 10 new moon wishes!  Each distinct idea or ‘thing’ that you are wishing for counts as a separate wish.
  6. You can review your new moon wishes in 6 months, at the time of the next full moon in the same sign! See what came true or what progressed for you.
  7. If your wish doesn’t come true, keep wishing! There are many reasons why new moon wishes may not come true right away so don’t give up!

img_1618-7Remember, the universe may be bringing you a better outcome than what you can imagine.

Good luck!

Stargazing Yogi


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