Aries Full Moon October 5, 2017; 2:40pm EST 

In general, each Full Moon represents an energetic culmination that manifests with specific things ‘coming to completion’ in our lives.  Aries energy represents the physical body, the mind, your conscious perception of your identity and your sense of individuality.  As Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, this Full Moon also brings the energy of new beginnings or the start of a new chapter in life.

During a Full Moon there is an energetic opposition between the Sun, representing our general area of focus, and the Moon, representing the deeper emotions we are experiencing, which can be contradictory to our surface desires.  The energy of the Full Moon elevates the intensity of these emotions and can even bring unexpected feelings or desires up from the unconscious realm.  The intensity of emotions felt during the Full Moon can bring about sudden impulses or tensions in relationships finally building to a point of confrontation.  It can also manifest as a specific activity, relationship or project reaching its full state of maturity, often with the experience of coming to an end or moving on to the next stage.  

yoga-pose-handstand-13171-1During this October Full Moon, the Sun will be in Libra, representing our general desire for balance, peace and harmony.  Libra also rules partnerships and romantic relationships as well as other types of teams and team dynamics.  The Moon in Aries represents our impulses, our desire for freedom, our sense of independence and the expression of our personal needs.  There is greater motivation to make changes that you may have been considering now for some time.  Where there have been shifts taking place internally over the last several months, an evolved sense of self becomes acknowledged and reflected more clearly to those around you.

This Full Moon brings into focus the role you play in relationships and even the sacrifices you make.  There may even be a desire to ‘break free’ from commitments you have previously entered into or routines that you have been maintaining, in order to gain a greater sense of freedom and independence.  During this Full Moon, you are facing the choice of blending in as a part of ‘the whole’ or standing out as an individual.   

The Mars/Venus conjunction at the time of the Full Moon, in addition to a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Libra definitely brings relationships into the foreground now.  As the God of War meets the Goddess of Love in Virgo, there is a greater potential for conflict and aggression in relationships, and you may also feel very judgmental of your partner’s behavior.  Relationships which are new, or on shaky ground this month will have greater difficulty weathering the storm.  Having said that, this Full Moon can also open the door for a refreshing exchange of honesty between partners, where each feels more comfortable sharing their personal opinions and needs, allowing the relationship to grow stronger.

What-Would-You-Do-With-Your-FreedomThis Full Moon is about following your impulses, acknowledging your personal desires and being willing to ‘rock the boat’.  You may not even realize how you truly feel until the words have left your lips!  With the energy of the Moon in Aries, you are more prone to bold, impulsive outbursts.  You will find it harder to be polite and diplomatic during this time.


Key Messages for this Full Moon:

  • Becoming more comfortable and confident in your own skin
  • Expressing sides of yourself which you may have previously kept ‘concealed’ or suppressed
  • Finding ways to express your personal needs more openly and honestly
  • Realizing that you are not alone and learning trust that those you love truly support your personal goals
  • Learning to communicate with your partner about your desires before taking action
  • Coming to terms with a shift or a change that has been gradually becoming more clear over the last year
  • Beginning a new chapter and seeing the next steps more clearly

Full Moon Cautions!

  • img_8223-3Ego – Be careful during this time to set realistic expectations for yourself and what you can accomplish
  • Aggression – Remember to stay calm and trust that your partner or the people around want you to be happy and successful.   Trust that you can get your point across without anger or defensiveness
  • Feeling lonely –  Take some time out from your normal routine and reach out to someone who hasn’t heard from you in a while.  Connect with others by sharing what you are experiencing and how you are feeling.  This can also be a time when doing something for someone else helps you to realize how much others appreciate your unique qualities


Full Moon ‘Power Period’ Signs & Dates:

The Full Moon ‘Power Period’ includes the 3 days before and after the time of the Full Moon and influences the zodiac signs the Moon passes through during that time.  Those with their natal Sun, Ascendant, Moon or other key placements in the signs below will feel this Full Moon’s influence more strongly:

  • October 2nd in Aquarius
  • October 2nd-4th in Pisces
  • October 4th-6th in Aries
  • October 6th-8th in Taurus 

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Peace and Blessings!

~ Stargazing Yogi