Jupiter enters Scorpio October 10th, 2017

Jupiter officially makes the transition from Libra to Scorpio on Tuesday, October 10th but we have already started to feel the influence of Scorpio’s energy about 3 weeks in advance.  Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, comprised of gas, and represents expansion or ‘blowing up’.  Jupiter rules new opportunities, luck, optimism, abundance and new beginnings.  Scorpio, a Water sign, represents relating to the world on an emotional level and a heightened sensitivity to the emotional perceptions of others.  Scorpio rules inner workings of the mind, psychology, mystery, sex and intimacy, power and money, intuition and our deepest darkest emotions.

Here’s what to expect between October 2017 and November 2018 as Jupiter transits one of the most intense signs of the zodiac:


Key Messages of Jupiter in Scorpio

  • New opportunities and the ‘seeds’ of new beginnings
  • Redemption after tragedy or setbacks
  • Getting comfortable with your ‘dark side’
  • Realizing your internal sources of strength
  • Becoming more open and trusting in relationships
  • Becoming more aware of the power dynamics in relationships
  • Challenging circumstances that involve unfair power structures or walking away from abusive situations


  • Excessive tendencies, obsessions or addictions
  • Inflated expectations of relationships or investments
  • Recklessness or excessive risk-taking
  • A desire for vengeance when acting out of anger or pain
  • Self-destructive behavior or victim mentality
  • Repressing emotions
  • Abuse of power


Scorpio Constellation. Zodiac Sign Scorpio constellation lines

Personal Experiences

Scorpio energy rules your innermost, sometimes unconscious, emotional experiences so while Jupiter is in Scorpio you will feel everything on a deeper level and it can be more difficult to control your emotional triggers. Scorpio rules secrets and can bring up repressed emotions which are now ready to be confronted.

Jupiter in Scorpio represents the journey inward, understanding the complex layers of your psyche and penetrating right down to your heart’s innermost desires.  This journey brings greater awareness to the motivations and emotional experiences underlying your actions; it’s time to explore these recesses and recognize the emotions which you no longer need to hold onto.  It takes courage to unearth your inner demons and confront them and can be a terrifying experience to revisit pain from the past, but remember that exploring these darker sides of yourself can enable you to neutralize the deeply embedded emotions that have become the root of negative behavior patterns.  Jupiter in Scorpio is calling for you to surrender to the emotions which you have been ‘trying not to feel’ and to let go of the sense of helplessness that comes with rage or the experience of betrayal.  This journey inward leads to the discovery of hidden strengths yet unrealized, the ability to renew and begin again.

Scorpio energy is very focused but is also prone to obsessive behavior, which can take both positive and negative expressions. This energy brings the stamina to work hard and follow through on your goals and it can also bring the desire to go deep into a particular area of interest by learning all there is to know.  Watch out however for workaholic tendencies or other addictive habits.

This energy can represent being so acutely aware of your emotional experiences that you become overwhelmed and even paralyzed by them. Watch out for a tendency to feel defeated by feelings of woundedness, loneliness or victimhood, or for excessive cynicism and pessimism or defeating self-talk.  Feeling that ‘all is lost’, you can also be more prone to recklessness.  Scorpio energy is all about gaining a better understanding of the psychological or emotional motivations behind your actions and remember that Jupiter is exaggerating your perception of these experiences while it is in this sign.  Jupiter in Scorpio brings greater awareness, and the strength needed to overturn the patterns that have been holding you back.

Relationship Experiences

The abundance of Scorpio energy this year signals the development of deep bonds and intimacy in relationships. Couples will have a more optimistic outlook on the future and a stronger desire to make long-term commitments or enter into shared investments.  Jupiter in Scorpio brings strong passion and sensuality, a greater willingness to trust and show vulnerability.   This year we are more attracted to depth of character and in our love interests rather than surface-level appearances, and we are seduced by the desire to uncover a lover’s mysteries.

Kissing couple

Jupiter in Scorpio can bring to the surface any repressed emotions in relationships.  The desire to conceal resentment can initially manifest as passive aggressive behavior, but Jupiter’s influence means these hidden truths are impossible to ignore and will eventually lead to explosive outbursts.  It’s important to explore potential unresolved conflicts this year in order for relationships to progress down a healthy path.

On the other hand, an amplified desire for attachment and the tendency to have inflated expectations for your partner can lead to jealousy, possessiveness and disappointment, which in their most extreme forms will be expressed as abusive tendencies, acting out of rage, anger, bitterness and a desire for vengeance.  The veil is being lifted on the power dynamics underlying your relationships and you can see any manipulation that is at play more clearly.  You may ultimately decide that it’s time to walk away from relationships that are emotionally volatile or toxic.

Career Experiences

img_8223-3If you’ve been wanting to begin a new venture involving something you love but have been holding back for fear of taking the risk, there may not be a better time to take the chance than now, for this energy favors going ‘all in’ and rewards those who take action to create their own fate by seizing opportunities.  This energy also brings a greater sense of confidence to those stepping into positions of power.

This is a great time for those in jobs involving investigation, research, or diving into deep and complex topics because there is an intense willingness to get to the bottom of things, to solve mysteries and reveal that which is concealed.  This is also a great time for professions that involve understanding the human mind, mental health matters and the factors underlying our decisions such as psychology, criminology or sociology.  It can also be very supportive of learning how to increase your earnings from investments and financial instruments or to understand how to work better within tax laws.  Having said that, Jupiter here can bring a sense overconfidence that leads to overestimating and risky spending so try to be mindful of the assumptions you are making when you decide to take such risks.

This energy brings luck to those in management or who are doing work involving counselling or building teams. You are better at tapping into what motivates people and your heightened sense of perception gives you the ability to help others gain greater confidence in their talents.

Chess gameYou are more keenly aware of the politics at play in the workplace and have a better sense of how to navigate them this year, including how to influence without authority, knowing which relationships to invest yourself in, how to play into the motivations of others and negotiate mutually beneficial business agreements.  This energy also brings an increased focus on the equality of power which can lead you to either confront or walk away from business relationships in which the power dynamics have been unfair, which can lead to changes in jobs or with business partners.

Themes in Society

  • Greater interest in taboo or mysterious topics, the paranormal, death in general, the occult, religion, reincarnation or connection with spirits beyond the grave
  • The examination of power structures and our ideals about balance of power in the world
  • Greater focus on tax laws and distribution of wealth
  • Reactions to repressed emotions, bursts of rage and/or random acts of violence
  • Greater focus on stories of redemption and the experience of overcoming great tragedy
  • The desire to destroy what is perceived to be ‘not working’


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