October Forecast

Gorgeous photo taken of a daytime moon over Yosemite National Park.

Key Messages for October:

  • Becoming more aware of your internal desires
  • Recognizing the need to speak up where you have been avoiding confrontation
  • Gathering the strength to make difficult choices
  • Focus on relationships, love and/or business partnerships
  • Acknowledging your personal needs and incorporating them into your relationships to find a new sense of balance


October Forecast

This month brings a greater focus on your relationships and the opportunity to gain clarity in this area of your life.  There is also a call for balance between the commitments you have made to others and the fulfillment your personal needs.

Where there have been shifts taking place internally over the last several months, an evolved sense of self becomes acknowledged and reflected more clearly to those around you, especially during the Aries Full Moon on October 5th.  

This Full Moon is about following your impulses, acknowledging your personal desires and being willing to ‘rock the boat’.  Communication is bold, impulsive and brutally honest.  You may not even realize how you truly feel until the words have already left your lips!  

b3f71b46c6eb5721c39818d62b484b80--socrates-quotes-quotable-quotesThe strong energy in Libra this month combined with a Sun/Pluto square on Oct 9th and Mars/Saturn square on Oct 11th can bring the desire to resist change and stay in your comfort zone, especially in the first half of the month.  However you are also facing the growing realization that maintaining the status quo is no longer possible.  It’s necessary to ‘evolve with the times’ and this month is about making the difficult decisions which can no longer be avoided.  Focus your energy on what you wish to achieve, rather than what you are afraid to lose.  As the personal planet energy moves into Scorpio in the later part of the month, you are more willing to take chances, and even more likely to do so when the promise of reward is high.

Kissing coupleRelationships will experience a wide range of intense emotions this month as the general energy moves from Libra into Scorpio, including an important sign change for Jupiter, also known as Zeus, the God of the Gods. Jupiter transitions between signs only once every 13 months and this change into Scorpio signals becoming more aware of our deepest needs and desires.  Over the course of the next year we are becoming more ‘in tune’ with the underlying emotions that motivate our decisions, our habits and the behavior patterns with our relationships.  

This month can be exceptionally challenging for relationships, beginning with a Mars/Venus conjunction on October 5th and ending with a Venus/Pluto square on October 27th.  This is a volatile energy that is likely to trigger power struggles, conflicts, and the surfacing of repressed emotions.  A sense of injustice or unfair relationship dynamics needs to be addressed now; make space for compassion and forgiveness.  You can strengthen your connection by acknowledging your partner’s point of view and reaffirming the values you both share. 

At the same time, this energy sparks an intense passion that brings new couples together with the potential to fall into love, or lust, quickly.  The abundance of Scorpio energy now signals the development of deep bonds and intimacy in relationships.  Jupiter transitioning into Scorpio this month also brings strong passion and sensuality, a greater willingness to trust and show vulnerability.   

In September we experienced the shift of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto out of retrograde, signaling the focus moving from our internal experiences back to the external world and outward manifestation.  New jobs, business ventures, investments and new beginnings in relationships are all favored this month, so go for what you want and don’t give yourself time to come up with a single excuse!  It’s a great time to pursue your interests more actively, which brings the chance to meet more like-minded people and expand your social networks.  In work-related matters, you can be very disciplined and focused.

Wishing you many blessings this October!


The Stargazing Yogi