Thinking of Retrogrades as ‘Astrological Seasons’

It is my goal over the next several months to help you to find practical ways to understand and apply astrological insights; today I was reflecting on my goal and put together this short blog entry:

Mars retrograde is an astrological SEASON that occurs about every 2 years.  During this time, the energy of Mars influences us differently than normal and part of that can involve not feeling quite as energetic as you’re used to.  We have a greater chance of falling ill as a result of prolonged over exertion or unhealthy habits during Mars retrograde because Mars rules our physical body and sense of vitality.

My work here through Namastrology is about helping others to manage and utilize astrological energies, or ‘Astrovibes’, as effectively as possible….and for anyone who is interested in finding practical ways to apply the wisdom of astrology in their daily lives – my advice is to pay attention to retrograde the seasons for the personal planets – that is Mars, Venus and Mercury.  This is one of the easiest things to do because there are only 3 personal planets and with the exception of Mercury, their retrogrades occur less than once a year.  Understanding the energies of Mars, Venus and Mercury doesn’t require an in-depth understanding of the zodiac so it’s less complicated and tedious to memorize.  Yay!

By understanding the energetic flow of these retrograde seasons, you can gain a valuable understanding of astrological timing that will help you with making travel plans, major purchases or investments, career and relationship decisions and more.  And you don’t have to follow ALL of the planetary retrogrades either, but begin with the three personal planets which influence our personal experiences most intimately.

For example, during Mars retrograde, it’s important to tune in and respond to the messages your body is giving you.  When Mars is direct, our bodies are more tolerant of prolonged ‘strain’ or ‘abuse’, but now and over the next several months (until early October), if your body is calling for more rest than usual or if you are having unusual symptoms, give yourself permission to SLOW DOWN. If your symptoms are more concerning in any way, give yourself the time to probe and address what’s wrong before they get worse.  Oftentimes during Mars Retrograde we uncover health issues that have been developing over time, but for which the symptoms are only now presenting themselves. 

Mercury retrograde seasons occur more frequently, about 3-4 times per year for about 9 weeks at a time, and if you were only going to get familiar with ONE of the personal planet retrogrades, I would say definitely mark Mercury retrogrades into your calendar (and the next most important is Venus!) For more information about Mercury retrograde, check out what’s new on my retrograde blog, or sign up for a private reading with me.  I am also starting to offer a mini personalized retrograde readings very soon so you can sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch and find out when it is available.

In the meantime, check out my Instagram feed for daily tips about retrogrades and other ways to practically understand astrology and use it.

I am also preparing an easy to follow online podcast series where I will explain how to work with personal planet retrogrades in more detail.

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