Capricorn Full Moon June 28; 12:53am EST 

Capricorn Vibes

Capricorn energy represents your desire for respect and recognition in the world, your career life, accomplishments and the rewards that come with success.  This energy also represents leadership, organization and delegation, as it brings the practical outlook needed to break tasks down into incremental achievable steps.

In general, each Full Moon represents an energetic culmination that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in your life.  It can be a time for important personal realizations, shifts in relationships or the achievement of important milestones.

The heightened energy of the Full Moon can also reveal where unconscious emotional attachments are steering you towards extreme behavior or interfering your sense of objectivity.  Notice where you are ‘holding on’ to a particular outcome or where you are being motivated to act out of fear in order to identify patterns and/or belief systems you might need to work on releasing.

Themes of the June 28th Full Moon:

  • Tapping into your capability to act with greater discipline and consistency to achieve your most important goals
  • Becoming clear about your true ambitions or taking steps to pursue a new career path
  • Assessing and adjusting your values around success, wealth and social status
  • Giving greater attention to your family, personal relationships and/or personal needs
  • Speaking up about your needs or ideas, finding your ‘voice’ as someone of influence and stepping into a position of greater authority
  • Letting go of belief systems that are holding you back; breaking away from ‘conventional’ thinking
  • Addressing unresolved conflicts with fathers, grandfathers or authority figures
  • Combining compassion with leadership


2018 Capricorn Full Moon POWER PERIOD:

We feel the heightened energy of the Full Moon about 3 days before and after it occurs; this time is also known as the Full Moon POWER PERIOD.  Those who have their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other key placements in the Power Period signs will feel its intensity more strongly than others.

  • June 25-27 in Sagittarius
  • Jun 27-29 in Capricorn
  • June 30 in Aquarius

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Exaggerations or Shadows of Capricorn Energy:

The Moon influences the emotions which guide our desires, decisions and needs.  With the heightened energetic influence of the Full Moon, it’s important to watch out these excessive expressions:

  • Cynical thinking, pessimism, a debilitating feeling of futility
  • ‘All or Nothing’ thinking – the desire to quit if perfection cannot be achieved
  • Being overly critical towards yourself, repressing or holding back from expressing your own emotions, needs and desires
  • Expressing harsh judgement or insensitivity towards others – holding people to unachievably high expectations
  • Pressure to hide vulnerability; act as if you don’t need assistance or moral support from others
  • Inability to see the options available for moving out of a negative situation – a tendency to do something ‘the hard way’
  • Aggressive confrontations or lashing out against a parent or other authority figure


Key Aspects Accompanying this Full Moon:

  1. Moon conjunct Saturn in Capricorn
  2. Mars Retrograde

The Full Moon conjunct Saturn can either amplify your motivation to enact positive change or it can pull you into an emotional state of pessimism about your future prospects.  This aspect combined with the current energy of Mars Retrograde signals that it can be time for reassessing life balance in terms of how you are investing in your career vs. your fundamental needs on a personal level.  This Full Moon is an important time to assess the relationships you are nurturing and how they are fulfilling your personal need for love, acceptance and support.

Saturn in Capricorn is challenging your belief systems and values related to success, wealth, social status and recognition.  To this effect, conflict can arise when your belief systems are not actually inline with what is bringing you your greatest fulfillment on a personal level.  What is seen by others as ‘traditional’, ‘standard’ or ‘conventional’ may not be in line with your destined path, meaning that your ultimate calling requires breaking away from tradition.  Watch out also for a tendency to take on more responsibility than is necessary, or to act out of guilt.

Traveling on wooden boat at night with full moon

In its most extreme form, Saturn is bringing challenges and frustrations which can lead people to feel defeated – as if they are constantly the victim of misfortune.  These individuals are being challenged by Saturn to shift their belief system and their perspective in order to see some aspect of their lives more clearly. 

The Mars Retrograde ‘season’ which began in May and continues until early October (including the pre and post-retrograde shadows) represents a time for looking inward to become more clear about your true desires.  It can be a time for evaluating the differences between what you WANT to do, and what you feel you OUGHT to be doing – shifts in priorities or career paths can be the result.

  1. Sun in Cancer square Chiron in Aries

The Full Moon can be an emotional time, and this aspect of the Sun making a square to Chiron (combined with the energy of Mars Retrograde) can absolutely intensify your sense of self-doubt.  The lesson for some lies in finding the strength within to ‘do the right thing’ despite questioning your ability to help someone else.  Others are learning to release feelings of shame associated with asking for help. 

Final Thoughtsimg_8223-3

  1. Awareness is key to consciously moving through astrological transits and embracing the lessons they have to offer us on our journey towards greater personal development.
  2. Remember that everyone is feeling intense or exaggerated emotions right now and might be prone to more ‘irrational’ behavior – your compassion goes a long way!
  3. Be willing to embrace change and the gifts that may hide within something that is currently unknown


Peace and Blessings!

~ Lindsey DePeri


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