ASTROVIBES: Reflecting on the week of June 29th

I’ve been reflecting on the energy of Mars Retrograde and on the Full Moon in Capricorn;

Mars entered Retrograde this week (which I will write about in more detail very shortly!) and this is very much about looking inward to become more aware of your personal needs and desires.  The experience of this astrological ‘season’ can bring about the opportunity of ‘releasing’ the natural impulses which you have been holding in (preventing their natural flow).  Ultimately, it brings the opportunity to align our lives more authentically with our greatest sources of personal fulfillment – that is if we are willing to let go of the motivations which are driving us to be out of alignment in the first place!

The during this past week’s Full Moon, the Moon (conjunct disciplined Saturn) in practical, traditional Capricorn opposed the Sun in emotionally vulnerable Cancer.  This energetic opposition represents the difference between acting out of our heart’s desires and acting out of what we BELIEVE is expected of us.  Mars retrograde in Aquarius and later this summer in Capricorn, accompanied by the energy of Saturn and Pluto also in Capricorn represents challenging our values and belief systems, traditions and conventions, and conservative notions of success, respectability and social status.  This serves to reinforce the overall message of Mars Retrograde – bringing up the opportunity to access our personal desires more acutely.

Overall, there’s been a great deal of pressure over the last few days in the aspects of your life where you are ‘constraining’ yourself, hesitating or ‘holding something in’.  This is where you can experience conflict, anxiety, frustration or avoidance.  Mars Retrograde is bringing ‘pressure’ wherever we neglect to acknowledge our most fundamental needs and can even be challenging us through situations that arise to speak up for ourselves more confidently.  At the same time, a core experience of this Capricorn Full Moon was feeling the opposition between following what we feel we ‘ought’ to do versus following our more intuitive impulses.

With the Moon first in Sagittarius this week and now about to enter Aquarius as we come into the weekend – it has the ability to influence our emotional desires in more rebellious free-spirited ways.  I love this!

Photo Jun 29, 10 28 29 AM

In considering the best way to FLOW with all of these swirling astrovibes – my offering to you is that it’s time to LET GO of inhibition.  Inhibition literally means that which we are HOLDING IN.

Give yourself permission to be seen and heard without shame (an energetic outcome of the Cancer/Capricorn oppositions this week).  Let yourself flow and don’t worry about consequences because the paradox now is that it’s your own efforts to restrain yourself (due to a lack of confidence or the desire to conceal vulnerability) that actually AMPLIFIES your internal perception of that energy or emotion (literally energy in motion).  We diffuse tension and raise our level of awareness by expressing our emotions (desires, needs, fears) as objectively as possible (Mars retrograde in Aquarius). It’s time to take off masks; let go of pretensions or trying to script what you are projecting.  The good news, which I’ve already mentioned, is that the Moon is in rebellious Aquarius over the weekend and is going to be great for letting go of self consciousness!

Peace and Blessings,


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