Solar Eclipse in CANCER – Thursday, July 12th; 10:48pm EST

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon is directly between Earth and the Sun.  At this time, new opportunities come out of the periphery and all possibilities for change are on the table.  It is a powerful time for manifesting new beginnings and this July the Eclipse in Cancer brings greater potential to access, express, and act on your heart’s truest desires.  You can start to feel the effects of the eclipse 4-6 weeks beforehand – as early as the end of May for the July 12th eclipse.

The July Solar Eclipse occurs in Cancer, with the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto in Capricorn.  Your experience of the Solar Eclipse will be influenced by the energetic themes of Mars in retrograde, a Grand Trine in Earth element signs and the remnants of a recent Grand Trine in Water.

General Solar Eclipse Themes

Ultimately, eclipses trigger change and transformation that tend to influence relationships especially.   Eclipses are a time to surrender to change and have faith that you are on the right path no matter how things may seem otherwise at the present moment.  

This Solar Eclipse occurs at 10:48pm on Thursday, July 12th EST; double check for the exact time of the Eclipse in your location! 

Themes of the Solar Eclipse in Cancer this July

  • Perceiving relationships more clearly
  • Life moving towards greater alignment with personal values
  • Releasing fear of failure
  • Releasing a sense of pressure to be something that is not in line with your internal desires
  • Being guided intuitively
  • Making better decisions for your health
  • Moving away from toxic relationship dynamics
  • Being open to radical change
  • Expressing yourself through creative outlets
  • Finding the courage to stand out as unique or even unconventional
  • Changes at home such as a move, renovations/repairs or a new addition to the family
  • Allowing those you trust to witness your vulnerability; asking for help

Astrological Aspects accompanying the Eclipse 

Sun/Moon opposition to Pluto

  • Creates a sense of tension or pressure
  • Represents moving towards greater authenticity in your career life
  • Expressing a greater sensitivity and vulnerability
  • Transformative carer change
  • Finding a sense of purpose that gives you greater courage and allows you to release fear of failure

Sun trine to Neptune and remnants of July’s Grand Trine in Water

  • Intuitive realizations
  • Greater sensitivity
  • Accessing your inner desires more clearly

Grand Trine in Earth

  • Practicality
  • Positive changes to move away from unhealthy relationship dynamics
  • Positive changes related to personal health
  • Patience, Focus and Discipline

Mars Retrograde

  • Getting more in touch with your fundamental needs
  • New opportunities to pursue personal passions
  • Reevaluating your commitments
  • Moving towards pursuits that give you greater personal fulfillment
  • Seeing where problems need to be improved, especially in the home or in your career
  • Becoming more active in social causes
  • Embracing your ‘uniqueness’

Is your Birthday on the Solar Eclipse?

  • This coming year is a time for transformation and establishing new foundations for yourself; it can also be a key time for healing on a physical level.  You are gaining greater clarity about what you want out of life and are being blessed by shifts that bring greater support to you from relationships.  Achieving your greatest potentials now means opening yourself to radical change, and it is there where you will truly inspire others.
  • Want to find out more about your upcoming year?  Request a Birthday Reading here!

Peace 🙏🏼


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