New Moon Meditation for Manifesting your Desires!

Each New Moon, I reflect on what I want to manifest in my life and I make my 10 New Moon wishes.  This month, I’ve captured an outline which you can use as a guide for your own personal new moon practice.  Give it a try and experience the magic!

Look up the time of the New Moon and perform this meditation within the first 72 hours  (try to do it as close to the New Moon time as possible).  You can also do it up to 8 hours before.

New Moon Meditation

Start by finding a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed (and have a pen and paper close by).  Close your eyes and take 3-6 slow breaths, making the exhales slightly longer than your inhales.  Take a moment to notice any emotions or sensations that are present.  Acknowledge and allow them to be with you in this moment, softly, without needing to explain why they are there.  Don’t give them any narration, just accept them as present and let them be.

Gently permit the body to settle down and relax.  For these few moments, there is no obligation to get anything done and no where else that you have to be.  This time is for you.  Keep breathing gently and easily, without trying to control the breath.  Notice and listen to the sound of your breathing as you tune into the sensations of your breath moving through your body.  Visualize your body releasing a little more tension with each exhale.

Once you’ve taken a few moments to settle, reflect on of the people, things or recent developments which you are most grateful for in your life.  Where do you feel this gratitude in your body?  Focus for a few breaths on these areas of your body and this feeling of gratitude.  Then allow it to move through you, sending love energy out to the people you’ve identified, and to the universe for these blessings.

Then ask the heart, “what is the BEST possible outcome for me going forward?  What do I really WANT and what do I really NEED now?”  Bring your attention to the center of your chest and the area around the heart, inviting the heart to communicate with the conscious mind.

Keeping your eyes closed, use your imagination to visualize and engage the senses.  Allow yourself to explore what this desired outcome look like and especially, what it will FEEL like?  Notice and really FEEL the feeling of your vision coming to fruition.  This part of the meditation is very important! 

This part of the meditation may take as little as 3 minutes or as long as 20 – there is no rule.  What comes up for you may involve your relationships, family, health, career, personal development or other accomplishments – and you may even be surprised by unexpected needs and desires.  Fully allow these, without trying to resist any messages that have come from the heart now for these have sprung up from your deepest sources of inner knowing.

When you’re ready, gently open your eyes and begin making your list of wishes.  What needs to happen in your life in order for this ideal vision to manifest?    What obstacles would need to be removed from your path?   What support to do need personally?

Write up to a maximum of 10 wishes.  Then review your list a one more time and energetically send each wish out to the universe.  Take a moment once more to feel the feeling of each wish coming true.    

You have now released your wishes out to the universe.  From this point, the energy of your desires and intentions can grow and take form with the lunar cycle.  You can also end the ritual with a small personal prayer, asking the universe to support these wishes, but also welcoming that there is perhaps something better in store, beyond what you have the ability to imagine at this time.  Finally, express gratitude again for the journey of life that you have experienced up until this point; the lessons, blessings and growth that is has allowed for you.

You may choose to keep your sheet and reflect on how you have progressed 6 months from now, at the time of the Full Moon in the same sign.


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