PISCES Full Moon – August 26th, 2018; 7:56am EST 

Full Moon Vibes

Full Moons bring an energetic culmination that can manifest as things ‘coming to completion’ in your life.  It can be a time for important personal realizations or the achievement of milestones.  The heightened energy of the Full Moon also reveals where unconscious emotional experiences are provoking you to excesses or interfering with your sense of objectivity.

Use the energy of Full Moons to reflect on how you find balance between energies of the signs where the Moon and the Sun are placed.  Since the Moon rules your emotions, notice where fear or the desire for security are driving you.  These periods of intensity increase our ability to gain understanding and self awareness.  They also draw our attention to negative behavior patterns and/or belief systems that are ready to heal.

The Pisces Full Moon occurs at 7:56am EST on Sunday, August 26th.  Be sure to double check the time of the Full Moon in your location!

Pisces Vibes

Pisces energy represents the unconscious mind, compassion, empathy, selflessness or losing oneself, intuition and our connection to a universal unconscious that unites all living things – past, present and future.  Pisces energy is introspective, and this Full Moon in Pisces can bring insights and maturity.  It can also force you to confront a truth you have been avoiding.

The September ’18 Full Moon occurs at 3 degrees of Pisces, so it’s also on the cusp to Aquarius and will trigger manifestations in both signs.


Aquarius Vibes

Aquarius energy is distinctively unconventional, rebellious, independent, strategic, objective and emotionally detached.  It represents breaking away from traditional ways of thinking, as well as the REDISCOVERY of ancient wisdom.  It’s more focused on the ‘big picture’ and issues we face collectively as a society.


Themes of the August 26th Full Moon:

  • Searching for a sense of groundedness
  • Retreating into your inner world and escaping reality
  • A surge in creativity, intuition and prophetic dreams
  • Finding it challenging to express your emotions verbally
  • Gaining clarity on your vision for the future
  • Learning to have greater faith in yourself
  • Deciding no longer to tolerate circumstances in your life that are toxic

Because this Full Moon occurs on the cusp to Aquarius, it also echoes some of the themes of the most recent Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius.  If the Eclipses brought a period of questioning your path or unexpected change, you now have the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how seemingly random circumstances are meant to come together.


2018 Pisces Full Moon POWER PERIOD:

We feel the heightened energy of the Full Moon about 3 days before and after it occurs; this time is also known as the Full Moon POWER PERIOD.  Those who have their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other key placements in the Power Period signs will feel its intensity more strongly than others.

  • August 23-25 in Aquarius
  • August 26-28 in Pisces
  • August 28-29 in Aries

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Exaggerations or Shadows of Pisces/Aquarius Energy:

The Moon influences the emotions which guide our desires and decisions around our sense of security.  

With the heightened energetic influence of the Full Moon, be mindful of these excessive tendencies so that you may work consciously to bring your emotions into balance:

  • Hopelessness; an overwhelming sense of sadness or despair
  • Retreating into the world of imagination as an escape from reality
  • Neglecting to communicate one’s feelings or needs
  • Distraction; failure to meet commitments
  • Falling into a victim mentality.  Forgetting your power to take control of your circumstances.
  • Cutting yourself off from affection and/or love
  • Over analyzing (or strategizing) without taking action
  • Fear of intimacy or vulnerability
  • Fear of expressing needs

Pisces energy is intense and complex, so this energy brings the potential to feel yourself pulled into an emotional chasm.  Be mindful of your susceptibility to ‘catastrophizing’, nihilistic thinking, escapism or a tremendous sense of being overwhelmed by the state of affairs in the world.


Key Aspects Accompanying this Full Moon:


1. Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces

This energetic influence began mid-May and ‘peaked’ on August 19th.  We will continue to feel its effects until late September.  To learn more about Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio, click here.

    • This aspect has represented one of this summer’s energetic themes, which is that of healing by tapping into our emotional vulnerability.  With Jupiter now in the final months of its transit through Scorpio, our deepest most unconscious emotions are coming to the surface.  These can include residual feelings of disempowerment, woundedness, or scars from being let down by others.   We are learning to consciously confront them while having compassion for ourselves.  With the Full Moon in Pisces now, there is a tremendous opportunity for healing by embracing the notion that our suffering unites us rather than isolates us.  There is also an opportunity to tap into a greater sense of compassion by allowing ourselves to feel our vulnerability without fear.

2. Earth Grand Trine – Saturn, Uranus and the Sun

As the Sun passes into Virgo it will trine Saturn and Uranus forming a Grand Earth Trine from roughly August 21st – 31st.  This energy ‘peaks’ on August 25th, the day before the Full Moon.  To learn more about the August Grand Trine in Earth, click here.

    • This energy heightens the potential for physical healing and acting out of stronger sense of self worth. It represents fertility manifesting in new forms and taking action to bring new sources of stability and structure into your life.  It brings the focus, discipline and follow through that can establish order in the face of chaos. 

3. Venus in Libra square Pluto in Capricornimg_8223-3

This energetic influence began August 21st and ‘peaks’ on the day of the Full Moon.  We will continue to feel its effects until September 2nd.

  • This energy brings power struggles, especially to relationships. The combination of this energy with the dreamy, unfocused vibes of Pisces means it could trigger for example a confusing conflict where the individuals involved do not have even a clear understanding of what’s even being fought over.

4. Mars Retrograde in Capricorn square Uranus in Taurus

Mars Retrograde influences us between mid-May and early October 2018 and ‘peaks’ on August 27th.  For more about info the 2018 Mars Retrograde, click here.

  • It’s time to reflect on whether your energy is spent contributing to the problem, or working towards the solution. Mars in retrograde is prompting us to examine the sources of our motivations and ambitions all summer and into the early fall.  Uranus in Taurus is challenging us to adopt radically new perspectives, especially especially with respect to how we value our self worth.


Final Thoughts

  1. This Full Moon in Pisces presents an opportunity for us to become more aware of how we use escapist tendencies to avoid conflict, how we express passive-aggressive tactics, and where we avoid stating our desires or needs upfront.
  2. A Full Moon in Pisces is about becoming more connected and aware of the big picture, your BIG dreams and the true sources of your inner happiness.  It is about embracing your unique identity, your heart’s desires and becoming more secure and comfortable in your own skin.
  3. This full moon brings a newfound sense of perspective and involves becoming more confident with your role in the grand scheme of life.  It brings an energetic experience of ‘coming home’ to yourself, which allows you to achieve a greater sense of self-assurance and connection with your personal roots.  Now is the time to let go of ‘apologizing’ for who you are and realize that your true value lies in all that makes you unique.  This Full Moon represents embracing who you are as imperfect.
  4. Awareness is key to consciously moving through astrological transits and embracing the lessons they have to offer us on our journey towards greater personal development.
  5. Remember that everyone is feeling intense or exaggerated emotions right now and might be prone to more ‘irrational’ behavior – your compassion goes a long way!
  6. Be willing to embrace change and the gifts that may hide within something that is currently unknown

Peace and Blessings!

~ Lindsey 

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