‘Waking Up’ as the Sun Enters Virgo; August 22nd, 2018

The Sun entered Virgo August 22nd, and will remain there until 9:54pm EST on September 22nd (which will be the official first day of Fall).

When I think of Virgo vibes, I think of the harvest, of turning to the land for all its nourishing and healing properties, of change, transformation and letting go of what you’ve grown out of to embrace a new maturity.

Virgo energy represents the shift or ‘growing up’ out of the playful, carefree vibes of Leo.  It’s time to accept be more conscious and mindful; to create order – and depending on the house in which Virgo resides in your chart, this desire to ‘put things in their rightful place’ will influence a different aspect of your life.  Virgo energy is resourceful and energized – it’s busy creating, fixing and organizing.  It is focused – it knows what needs to be done and carries out the task efficiently, without drama.

Over the course of the next month, the influence of these recent astrological events are fading out:

img_1618-6We’ve just entered into a grounding Grand Earth Trine that will carry until the end of August, and the Mars Retrograde season reaches its turning point, stationing direct on Monday, August 27th.  This shift gradually brings clarity, focus and a newfound sense of motivation.

As the Sun continues in Virgo and Mercury moves there early next month (and enters into a Grand Earth Trine from Sept 4th-9th), we will experience this tone even more.

Photo above taken just outside Boulder, Colorado.  I’ve never been so inspired by a physical place as I have this summer.  Natural, but also ‘cultivated’.

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