Weekly Lunar Astrovibes Jan 7th-13th

✨🌘 In the wake of this weekend’s New Moon Solar Eclipse, we’ve entered a 2-week period of ‘growth’ and the Moon will reach its ‘Waxing Quarter’ in Aries this Sunday. This is a time to make progress on your aspirations which might be with a ‘slow-but-steady’ pace. The first half of the week is great for learning, innovation, communication, teamwork and problem solving, while the second half can be less focused, more emotional. As we approach the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 21st, unexpected news and surprises are more likely to come up that shift you away from your expected path, so this is a time to be flexible. Pay attention to what subtle signs or intuitive ‘warnings’ are signalling to you and respond to what is present NOW vs. what you wish were the case or what might have been true in the past ✨

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday morning, Moon in Aquarius – intellectual (emotionally detached), innovative and socially conscious.

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday & Friday, Moon in Pisces – dreamy, distracted, empathetic and easily overwhelmed. With the Sun meeting up with Pluto this Friday, you may feel an especially strong sense of emotional heaviness, depression and/or obsessive compulsiveness. It’s time to look beyond the surface at the deeper, emotional or psychological forces at work.

Saturday & Sunday, Moon in Aries – impulsive, hot-headed & action oriented. It can bring the strength and courage you need to make a difficult decision or step forward into unknown territory.

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🙏🏽Have a great week! 🤗💛✨

~ Stargazing Yogi