Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse January 21st, 2019 in LEO

Creative inspiration, developments in romantic relationships and hard work ‘paying off’ are key themes of this January Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in LEO!

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur on Monday, January 21st, 2019, 12:16am EST (be sure to double check the exact time of the Full Moon in your location!)  This Eclipse occurs at 0 degrees of Leo (on the cusp to Cancer), thus triggering manifestations in both signs.

Leo Vibes

Leo vibes are passionate, fun-loving and generous!  This energy represents our playful, childlike side and our own inner child.  It represents acting on our emotions, which can be extremely warm-hearted and loving.  Leo energy is about being SEEN, admired and loved in your most authentic light – bask in it!  ‘Shadow’ expressions of Leo can be willfulness or narrow-mindedness, dramatic tendencies and lavish spending.  It’s important during this time to be open to compromise.

Cancer Vibes

Cancer energy is nurturing, intuitive and loyal.  Ruled by the Moon, this energy represents the Mother archetype and matters of the heart.  Expressing emotions and especially desire very intensely, this sign also rules courageous acts.  It represents our sense of vulnerability and need for emotional security.

Key Themes of the Lunar Eclipse in Leo

  • Being struck by creative inspiration, or a renewed sense of adventure
  • Taking control of your life and making positive (radical) changes
  • Significant developments in romantic relationships
  • Receiving a well-deserved payoff for hard work!
  • Expressing vulnerability or finally communicating feelings which you have been suppressing
  • Casting away old habits or beliefs which have been limiting your growth

2019 Leo Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon


We feel the heightened energy of a Full Moon about 3 days before and after it occurs; I call this the Full Moon Power Period.

Those who have their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other key placements in the Power Period signs (Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo) will feel the influence of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse most intensely.

  • January 18th in Gemini
  • January 19th-20th in Cancer
  • January 21st-22nd in Leo
  • January 23rd in Virgo 

For all astrological signs, the effects of an Eclipse can start to be felt 4 to 6 weeks leading up to (or following) the actual event.  The Eclipse also triggers an energetic shift that continues to influence us for 6 months.  The precise influence of the Lunar Eclipse is different for each individual, depending on their personal natal chart.   A reading of your natal and transit charts for the time of the Eclipse will reveal more specific insights.

About Eclipses

Lunar Eclipses occur approximately every 6 months, when the earth is directly in line with an opposing Sun and Moon (full moon).  Lunar eclipses generally involve relationships, transformation and the experience of receiving news or having important realizations.

Lunar Eclipses bring things to completion or mark the ending of all that is ready to be transformed into the next stage of being.  Remember that although they may bring radical, unexpected or unwelcome change, the Eclipses trigger important ‘course corrections’ to jolt you back on track wherever you have strayed from your destined path.

Like all Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses stir up intense internal conflicts that can result in impulsive acts or emotional outbursts.  They are especially dramatic when you have been resisting a necessary change that is coming or avoiding the acknowledgement of a difficult truth.  Full Moons often bring suppressed truths to the surface which can no longer be denied – there is a subconscious urge to set it free.

Aspects Accompanying the January 2019 Lunar Eclipse

Mars in Aries square Saturn in Capricorn

We begin to feel the influence of this square around 1/12 and it ‘peaks’ on the day of the Lunar Eclipse.  We’ll continue to feel vibes of this square as they gradually dissipate through 1/29.

  • Square aspects generally bring a sense of tension and often represent the need for  some sort of action that will bring your current situation into balance.  This aspect particularly calls for you to speak up or take an initiating step, even if things aren’t ‘perfect’ or perfectly under control.  It’s also important to recognize the value which others may offer in support of your goals, and remember you’re not expected to do or be responsible for everything on your own.  This aspect in combination with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo represents releasing whatever might be holding you back from realizing your ultimate dreams – inhibitions, fear of change, or thinking that your dreams are ‘too difficult’ to achieve.

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius

This very SWEET aspect brings a strong influence to the January Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!  These energies ‘peak’ on 1/22 although we will feel their influence as they gradually fade in and fade out again between 1/16 and 1/27.

  • This energy brings sweetness, luck and the potential for significant developments in matters of love and relationships.  These vibes are optimistic, lucky and bring positive new opportunities.  The influence of Sagittarius can spark a sense of adventure, an impulse to travel, or interests to develop a greater understanding of the world, including philosophy, religion, history or other cultures.  Sagittarius vibes are worldly and expansive.  This aspect brings an uplifting energy, although it’s also a time when self-discipline will be more difficult!  Finally, the combination of this aspect with a long-term square between Jupiter and Neptune means that it’s important to watch out for anything that seems ‘too good to be true’, as your trust in others may be misplaced.  Watch out for tendencies to waste or squander money, as this energy can be careless.

Mars in Aries trine Jupiter in Sagittarius (waning)

We can begin to feel this energy around 1/16 and these vibes ‘peak’ on 1/25.  From there they gradually dissipate until 2/4.

  • This fiery trine brings, luck, optimism, resourcefulness, courage, and support for taking action or making positive changes.  If you’re not feeling it naturally, that means it’s time to do something for yourself (even it it means flying ‘solo’) or make a radical change to your routine – once you do you will start feeling more confident!

Moon conjunct the Lunar North Node

  • The Moon rules intuition and the North Node represents our greatest potentials or highest-vibration pursuits.  This conjunction means that you are more likely to receive ‘divine inspiration’ which guides you in the expression of your greatest potentials.  WOW!  As the North Node is currently in Cancer (the zodiac sign that is ruled by the Moon), this conjunction also represents getting in touch with your internal desires, your emotions (some of which you may be ignoring), and anything related to family or home life.

Exaggerations or Shadows of Leo Energy:

The Moon influences the emotions which guide our desires, decisions and needs.  During the Full Moon, you are more susceptible to acting on these unconsciously. 

Watch out for these excessive expressions of Leo and Cancer energy during the Full Moon:

  • Being overly self-involved; neglecting the feelings or needs of others
  • Willfulness or stubbornness
  • Attempts to manipulate situations through acts of ‘generosity’ or heroism
  • Using guilt to manipulate relationships
  • Fiery, dramatic over-reactions
  • Impatience
  • Moodiness; being overwhelmed by emotions
  • Feelings of despair or self-victimization

Final Thoughtsimg_8223-3

  1. Awareness is key to consciously moving through astrological transits and embracing the lessons they have to offer us on our journey towards greater personal development.
  2. Remember that everyone is feeling intense or exaggerated emotions right now and might be prone to more ‘irrational’ behavior – your compassion goes a long way!
  3. Be willing to embrace change and the gifts that may
  4. hide within something that is currently unknown


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