Weekly Lunar Astrovibes Jan 22nd-27th

✨🌖 This week generally carries the excitement and intensity of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo! Over the coming days however it gradually wanes, so by the time we reach the weekend it will be more of a time to relax and regroup. The ‘high’ from earlier in the week will need to be balanced and self care will be key.

Jupiter meeting up with Venus today in free-spirited Sagittarius (and both currently squaring Neptune in dreamy Pisces), means be mindful of excessive risk taking or carelessness. ✨

Here’s a rundown of the Moon in the signs:

Until this evening, Moon is in Leo – romantic, proud & playful. Easily distracted.

Wednesday, Thursday, Moon in Virgo – helpful, organized, and hard-working. Note that the Moon will be void-of-course for most of the day on Thursday so this energy can be fussy, confused or inefficient – not a good time to make important decisions.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, Moon in Libra – social, considerate and artistic.

Sunday afternoon and evening, Moon in Scorpio (Waning Quarter) – focused, loyal & passionate however watch out for the shadow expressions, including stubbornness or holding onto a grudge.  It’s a good time to assess any relationships that may be frustrating you now and see where you can release tension by moving towards greater acceptance of those you care about.  Wherever a relationship is not satisfying you now, today’s waning quarter moon signals that it’s better to let it go rather than trying to force the circumstances to be different.

Have a beautiful week!


~ Stargazing Yogi


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