Weekly Lunar Astrovibes Jan 28th – Feb 4th

✨🌓The Moon’s light waning all through the week means that if you need to rest, do it.  Energetically, this is a time to regroup, tie up loose ends and let go.  A theme for the Waning Quarter Moon in Scorpio (yesterday and today) is forgiveness and letting go of residual hurts from past relationships.  Another theme for the week is patience – for yourself and for others.  Whether you can see it or not, your day-to-day efforts and attitude are contributing in important ways to what you are ultimately manifesting for yourself ✨

Monday, Moon in Scorpio – focused and loyal; even obsessive.  Generous and passionate in relationships.  On an emotional front this energy can be extremely sensitive, almost haunted by old wounds from the past.  The Waning Quarter Moon means it’s a time to forgive (yourself and others), having faith that the past will not repeat itself.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday until the evening, Moon in Sagittarius – free-spirited, curious, impulsive and loving life.  These vibes are high-energy and optimistic – even impatient at times.  You’re more inclined to chase new experiences or dive into learning more about a subject that ignites your passion.  The shadow expressions of this energy however are over-confidence with a tendency to speak harshly or abruptly (think foot-in-mouth).  Remember compassion and tact.  Solutions may not be as obvious to others as they are to you.

Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday, Moon in Capricorn – strategic, practical and hard-working.  This is a good time to clean house or take care of any unfinished business as we prepare for Monday’s New Moon in Aquarius.  Relax and be kind to yourself, letting go of harsh judgments – let others off the hook as well.  Patience continues to be a theme, and you may need to remind yourself that you are making progress towards your long-term goals, one step at a time.  It’s also a great time to focus on your big dreams and visions for the future – let your imagination run wild and conjure up any and all possibilities so you’ll be ready to make your New Moon wishes on Monday afternoon.  And don’t worry for now about how it will get done – have faith.

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🙏🏽Have a great week! 🤗💛✨

~ Stargazing Yogi

lunar astro vibes 1-28-19