Weekly Lunar Astrovibes April 15-22nd

As we approach this Friday’s Full Moon in Libra, emotions (or the likelihood of emotional volatility) steadily intensifies throughout the week.  We enter the Full Moon ‘Power Period’ tomorrow (continues until next Monday), so you may have your ‘Full Moon moment’ anytime this week.

Also as of tomorrow (April 16th), we’re also officially out of the Mercury Retrograde ‘post shadow’ (yay!), so these energies are more clear and FUTURE-focused, and the next 9 weeks are supportive of committing to plans, landing on key decisions and initiating new long-term endeavors.

Here are your Lunar Astrovibes for this week!

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, our mood and often our unconscious responses.

Monday & Tuesday, Moon in Virgo – organized, taking responsibility and *getting sh!t done*; a desire to serve others and meet expectations; cautions, with the influence of Virgo’s focus on ‘expectations,’ remember to have compassion and watch out for a tendency to judge harshly.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday morning, Moon in Libra – this energy desires harmony, beauty and ease but will be in opposition to the Sun, Mercury and Venus which all enter into Aries as the week progresses.  These two opposing forces represent getting clear on your personal desires, opinions and impulses, while simultaneously being able to find ways to express your ‘individuality’ and ‘co-operate’ with friends, business partners and loved ones.  Balancing these energies gives you the powers of persuasiveness, diplomacy, compromise and the ability to deliver ‘tough’ messages without diminishing your personal integrity.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday morning – Moon in Scorpio, this energy is passionate, hard-working and even obsessive at times.  The caution with Scorpio vibes is to be mindful of the tendency to get ‘stuck’ in your emotions.  Watch out for anger, rage, possessiveness, ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking, a tendency to feel disempowered or betrayed.

Sunday, moon in Sagittarius – energetic (although watch for impatience!), spontaneous and outspoken.

Stay tuned for more insights about this week’s Full Moon in Libra!

Happy MOON Day! 🌙 🌸 Have a great week! 🌸

~ Stargazing Yogi

Love Lunar Astrovibes Libra Full Moon Week

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