Weekly Lunar Astrovibes May 27th-June 2nd

As the Moon continues to wane this week, it’s a good time for re-balancing and turning your attention to more personal matters.  Nourish your body and soul with self-care and take steps to re-establish healthy routines wherever they have slipped out of place.  This will help you to maintain resilience and immunity.  As the week progresses towards Monday’s New Moon in Gemini, evaluate what you need to let go of, energetically clearing and making space for your new aspirations to manifest.

🌙 This week’s Lunar Astrovibes are broken out day-by-day below!

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, our mood and often our unconscious responses.  How you experience the Moon’s energy is also influenced by the other elements in your individual birth chart – a personal reading will shed light on these influences.

Monday & Tuesday until early afternoon, Moon in Pisces – dreamy, creative, empathetic, distracted.  Possibly melancholy.  The Waning Quarter Moon in Pisces was yesterday at midday, indicating a greater tendency to feel overwhelmed and emotionally drained. It’s important now to reset your emotional boundaries with others – making time and space for yourself to restore.

Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, and Thursday, Moon in Aries – action-oriented, independent and inspired by gut-instincts.  Pay attention to your impulses to tune into your physical, intellectual and spiritual needs.   Although Aries rules aggressive energy and the urge to take a ‘hard line’ in confrontation, the energy of the waning Moon indicates  it may be better to take a more diplomatic/compromising approach.

Friday & Saturday, Moon in Taurus – this energy is pragmatic, hard-working, peaceful, forgiving, patient, passionate and loyal.   In addition, you can work consciously with the Taurean tendencies towards stubbornness and resistance to change, which will allow you to be fully open to receive the seeds of new blessings at Monday’s New Moon.  Consider how you can be more optimistic and open-minded about the unknown.  

Sunday, Moon in Gemini – this energy is spontaneous, socially engaged, quick-witted, curious, charming, enthusiastic and exciting.  It’s a beautiful time to be open to any and all possibilities, especially being connected with new teachers or new forms of learning, new friends and acquaintances or new ways of connecting with others in order to share your gifts.  Click here for more insights about the Gemini New Moon!

🌸 Happy MOON Day and have a great week! 🌸

~ Stargazing Yogi

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