Full Moon in Sagittarius, June 17th, 2019; 4:31am EST

This Full Moon in Sagittarius reconnects you with your intuitive impulses, your sense of adventure, and thirst for excitement!

Full Moon Vibes

Full Moons represent an energetic culmination that manifests through aspects of your life ‘reaching a new stage of maturity’. 

Generally, Full Moons are associated with experiences of completion, newfound self-awareness and release.  They bring about key decisions, personal revelations, communication breakthroughs, shifts in relationships, endings or a transformation to the next stage.

During a Full Moon when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other, conflicts in our lives can feel more intense, as well as the urge to resolve them.  At the same time, the intensity we temporarily feel at the Full Moon increases our ability to gain valuable perspective.  

The energy of the Full Moon can reveal ‘blindspots’, such as addictive habits, unconscious fears or unintegrated traumas from the past.  You can tune into this energy by noticing where fear or the desire for security, are driving your behavior, often ‘irrationally’ (this is where ‘Full Moon Madness’ comes into play!)  At the same time, as we peer into the face of our own shadow side, we also have the opportunity to neutralize unconscious triggers and behavior patterns that no longer serve us.  Consciously working with the energy of the Full Moon, you may release or transform grievances, resentment and old wounds through forgiveness.

This year’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, will occur at 25 degrees on Monday, June 17, 2019; 4:31am EST.  Be sure to double check the time of the Full Moon in your location!

Sagittarius Vibes

Sagittarius is the ‘free-spirit’ of the zodiac, ultimately representing our connection to the divine and to universal truth.  Sagittarius has an enthusiastic passion for life and is the most optimistic sign of the zodiac.  It loves excitement and learning through hands-on experience.  Sagittarius energy has an innate belief in luck and positive outcomes, often willing to take risks and live perpetually on the edge, with a strong sense of trust that everything will work out.  These vibes rule travel, teaching, public speaking, universities (or anything related to ‘higher learning’), writing, languages, history, philosophy and religion.  Sagittarius represents a deeply intuitive understanding of the human experience that sees our ultimate ‘oneness’ beyond and and all cultural divides.


Key Themes of the Full Moon in Sagittarius

  • Leaning into adventure! – Sagittarius is known for its enthusiasm, spontaneity and zest for life!  Where will it take you this weekend?
  • Blunt, honest communication – Sagittarius energy is very much about speaking your personal truth (perhaps abruptly) or arriving at a ‘big truth’.  Under the influence of this Full Moon, don’t be surprised if unfiltered opinions fall right out of your mouth before you’ve had a chance to consider the consequences.  Be mindful of your thoughts because this energy is know for communicating whatever it thinks!  Sagittarius energy does not like to beat around the bush or compromise the integrity of its truth.
  • Tapping into your intuitive wisdom and learning to trust yourself.  This Full Moon can be a time to let go of indecisiveness and the experience of being stuck in a cycle of ‘analysis/paralysis’.  If you tend to be a people pleaser, you can use this Full Moon in Sag to tap into a greater sense of trust in yourself and your own intuition.  At it’s best, Sagittarius energy is proud, confident and self-assured.  It does not second guess itself or compromise to please others.
  • Risk Taking – Sagittarius energy can make you feel very lucky and optimistic, bringing on greater willingness to take a leap of faith.  Note that when Sagittarius energy is exaggerated or unbalanced, it tends to focus on the ‘big picture’, with the potential to neglect important details (see more about consciously balancing these energies below).  The influence of Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces now means there is an additional caution against recklessness or blind optimism.  Take steps to stay grounded and be wary of anything that seems too good to be true.
  • Confronting narrow-mindedness or insensitivity – This Full Moon can represent the need to confront exaggerations of Sagittarius energy in your life, such as over-confidence, self-righteousness, overly-simplistic thinking, or expressing a lack of compassion for others.  Circumstances can arise around the time of the Full Moon that represent a calling for greater tolerance of the opinions of others or greater sensitivity to the challenges a particular individual is facing.
  • Achieving a break through or other milestone that involves a ‘big goal’ you are working towards.  This may involve a Sagittarian pursuit such as teaching, writing, study, travel, cultural experiences or the pursuit of esoteric topics.

May 2019 Full Moon in Sagittarius


We feel the heightened energy of a Full Moon about 3 days before and after it occurs; I call this the Full Moon Power Period.

Those who have their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other key placements in the Power Period signs (Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius) will feel the influence of this Full Moon most intensely.

  • June 14th in Scorpio
  • June 15th – 17th (until midday) in Sagittarius
  • June 17th (from afternoon onwards) – 19th (until late evening), in Capricorn
  • June 19th (late evening/overnight) – 20th (early morning) in Aquarius 

*Times noted are approximate and according to Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5). 

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Exaggerations or Shadows of Sagittarius Energy:

The Moon influences the emotions which guide desires and decisions around our sense of security.  With the heightened energetic influence of the Full Moon, be mindful of these excessive tendencies which may take more effort than usual to bring into balance:

  • Misguided optimism or over-simplification of a situation
  • Insensitivity towards others
  • Abruptness or rudeness
  • Over-indulgence
  • Recklessness

Bringing Full Moon vibes into Balance

Opposing the sign of the Full Moon, the Sun and Venus will be in Gemini. Tapping into the Full Moon’s opposing archetypal energy can help you balance your experience and bring awareness to how the Full Moon is influencing your emotional triggers, reactions and fears.

img_1618-1Tapping into Gemini Vibes to Balance Excessive Sagittarius Energy

Gemini energy is open-minded, flexible and highly responsive.  While its opposite energy Sagittarius is more intuitive and oriented around the ‘big-picture’, Gemini is analytical and detail-oriented.  This energy does not cling to assumptions or previously held conclusions, but is instead characterized by its willingness to adapt when confronted with new insights.  

Key words for tapping into the Gemini vibes:

  • Humility
  • Open-mindedness
  • Attention to important details
  • Patience
  • Thinking through important decisions

Other Astrological Influences During this Sagittarius Full Moon:

Jupiter Square Neptune

  • Square aspects bring an experience of tension and require action to resolve.  This aspect peaks for the second time this year on the day before the Full Moon in Sagittarius.  It’s likely that you will be faced with with letting go of limiting beliefs you are holding about yourself or about the world.  Another way this energy can manifest is in an experience severe disillusionment or a crisis of faith where your trust has been misplaced.  With Jupiter in retrograde now, it’s an important time to consider your tendencies for excessive or reckless behavior, addictions or escapism.   The energy of the Full Moon now can exaggerate these tendencies, although it can also bring greater awareness or even a conscious release.

Sagittarius Full Moon Mantra:

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Final Thoughts

  1. Awareness is key to consciously moving through astrological transits and embracing the lessons they have to offer us on our journey towards greater personal development.
  2. Remember that everyone is feeling intense or exaggerated emotions right now and might be prone to more ‘irrational’ behavior – your compassion goes a long way!
  3. Be willing to embrace change and the gifts that may hide within something that is currently unknown

For additional insights on how to tap into the zodiac’s archetypes to balance astrological energies, the influence of the Full Moon’s vibes in your personal chart, or the upcoming July Eclipses, check out my offerings for 1-1 consultations.

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