Weekly Lunar Astrovibes June 10th – 16th

This week we begin under the influence of grounded, responsible Virgo and move towards lucky, free-spirited Sagittarius.  Take advantage of Virgo’s focused, organized energies on Monday to make progress towards your important goals.  With the Full Moon in Sagittarius coming early Monday morning, lunar energies will gradually intensify over the course of the week, which can feel like a strong impetus to take action.  Sagittarius vibes are hungry to break free from responsibility and feel alive with thrill of new experiences.

🌙 This week’s Lunar Astrovibes are broken out day-by-day below!

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, our mood and often our unconscious responses.  How you experience the Moon’s energy is also influenced by the other elements in your individual birth chart – a personal reading will shed light on these influences.

Monday, Moon in Virgo – organized, responsible, efficient and goal-oriented – this energy is great for bring order out of chaos, fixing what’s broken and getting sh*t done!  Cautions; watch out for harsh judgment towards oneself and/or others.

Tuesday & Wednesday, Moon in Libra – diplomatic, artistic, flexible and harmonious.  This energy loves to bring beauty into the world and is focused on co-creating, with an acute sensitivity to the tastes and desires of others.  While these vibes are highly cooperative, be mindful to watch out for indecisiveness or neglecting your personal needs.

Thursday & Friday, Moon in Scorpio – this energy is passionate, hard-working and even obsessive at times.  The caution with Scorpio vibes is to be mindful of the tendency to get ‘stuck’ in your emotions.  Watch out for anger, rage, possessiveness, ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking, a tendency to feel disempowered or betrayed.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Power Period begins Friday morning (continues until early Thursday next week)!  Click here to learn more.

Saturday & Sunday, Moon in Sagittarius – energetic (watch for impatience), restless, spontaneous and outspoken.  Cautions: excessive tendencies (like overspending or over-indulging) and a strong urge to break free from responsibility.  The Moon will rise nearly full on Sunday night and will be full early Monday morning.  Click here to learn more about the Sagittarius Full Moon.

🌸 Happy MOON Day and have a great week! 🌸

~ Stargazing Yogi

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Lunar Astro Vibes June 10



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