Celebrating the Summer Solstice & Cancer Season!

The natural world is in full bloom! 

The Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate your vitality and give thanks for your blessings: dance, splash, laugh and give love with a generous heart. 

Bask in the Sun, letting it fully nurture your body and soul.


Cancer energy is nurturing, intuitive and loyal. Ruled by the Moon, this energy represents the Mother archetype and matters of the heart.  It also rules home and family life.  It represents our sense of vulnerability and need for emotional security, expressing emotions, and especially desire very intensely.  This sign also rules courageous acts.

Celebrate Cancer vibes by reconnecting with your inner sources of inspiration and your heart’s desires, spending time alone to tune into your own intuitive senses, showing your appreciation for loved ones, telling friends and family that you love them, feathering your nest at home and making time for self-care.


The Summer Solstice marks a time for soaking up all that life has to offer, enjoying every moment through all of the senses.  This is a time to celebrate your vitality!  Be outside and energize yourself through physical activity.  Play and spend time with loved ones.  Make a point of connecting with the natural world in full bloom around you.  Take note of the many blessings in your life and cultivate a deep sense of gratitude.  As the Sun moves into Cancer, it’s also a time to give love generously and courageously.  Cancer energy represents the courage to FEEL, to let emotion completely flow through you.

Summer Solctice 2019

Personal Planet Transits through Cancer in 2019


June 21st – July 22


June 4th – June 26th

(Rx) July 19th – Aug 11th


July 3rd – July 27th


May 15th – July 1st


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Monday, July 2nd



Other Astrological Placements in Cancer This Year

Lunar North Node

The Lunar North Node is in the sign of Cancer for all of 2019.  This energy represents the journey we take as a society to move towards:

  • Greater alignment with our innermost authentic desires (the desires of the heart)
  • Expressing our emotional needs without guilt or shame
  • Giving love and expressing vulnerability more openly
  • Standing out from the crowd as unique or even unconventional

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