Solar Eclipse in Cancer Vibes!

This Solar Eclipse in Cancer ushers in an energetic shift which will set the tone for the next ~6 months (although you may have started to feel this shift beginning up to 4-6 weeks ago when the Eclipse season first started). Cancer energy rules home, family and the Mother Archetype but also vulnerability and the heart’s greatest desires for love, nurturing and acceptance from others. It’s SUCH a great time to get clear on what you want, on what the HEART wants for you; to acknowledge those needs and desires with a deep sense of love and compassion for yourself; and begin to take steps towards making them a reality.

What do you need to feel truly loved, honored, validated, supported and safe to express yourself authentically? What do you need for your heart to feel truly fulfilled?

On the other hand, who in your life makes you feel self-conscious or judged and what can you do to shift yourself away from people who don’t validate your needs or desires? How can you set healthier emotional boundaries so that you are able to express yourself more freely?

Solar Eclipse in Cancer UPDATEDNew Moon Energy is all about planting energetic seeds for the things you want to bring into form in your life. These seeds can be small and subtle now, like the setting of an intention, the acknowledgement of a desire or goal, or simply by making a wish. However you do it in your own practice, a key to manifesting your desires is to meditate on the feeling of the goal or wish coming true – literally conjuring up that feeling in your heart and in your body.

New Moons can be a quiet time, a time for self-care and self-exploration. This New Moon in Cancer is especially supportive of taking time out to reflect and access intuitive guidance. I am SO excited for this New Moon Solar Eclipse as the trigger for opening portals to open-hearted expression, creativity and the fearless pursuit of one’s dreams. This is just the beginning.

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