Weekly Lunar Astrovibes July 3rd – 7th

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer occurred yesterday!  As the rest of the week unfolds, it’s a great time to plant energetic ‘seeds’, including setting intentions and even making wishes in support of your heart’s greatest desires over the next 6 months.

🌙 This week’s Lunar Astrovibes are broken out day-by-day below!

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, our mood and often our unconscious responses.  How you experience the Moon’s energy is also influenced by the other elements in your individual birth chart – a personal reading will shed light on these influences.

Wednesday, Moon in Cancer – sensitive, intuitive, courageous, nurturing and generous.  Cautions; moodiness or forgetting to love yourself first.  Nourish your heart and spirit by spending time with people you love and who make you feel secure, or take some valuable time for yourself.

Thursday & Friday, Moon in Leo – creative, romantic, playful, generous, passionate and fun-loving.  Cautions; willfulness, pride or over-indulgence.  Remind yourself to be easygoing.

Saturday & Sunday, Moon in Virgo – organized, helpful and focused on fixing what’s broken.  Cautions; bringing a harsh judgmental tone towards oneself and/or others. Remember to soften your expectations.

🌸 Have a great week! 🌸

~ Stargazing Yogi

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