Mercury/Mars Conjunctions in Cancer and Leo

Mercury and Mars first met up on June 18th, although the energetic influences of this transit began around June 10th.  With Mercury slowing down over the last few weeks (it will be stationing Retrograde this Sunday), these two heavenly bodies have stayed in close proximity to each other since then, first in Cancer and then in Leo.  They will meet up again on Monday, July 8th in Leo, after which time the energy of this conjunction will slowly fade until around July 14th.  

Mercury Mars Conjunction in Cancer and LeoMars represents aggression, gut instincts, drive and sexual energy.  Mercury represents communication, mobility and the reasoning or logic which informs decision-making.  When conjunct these energies are perceived as closely intermingled or merged.

There is a strengthened ability to act on primal gut instincts which can be helpful for tuning into your desires and needs.  Mars strengthens assertiveness, but can also bring aggressive behavior, willfulness, impatience and/or the tendency to engage in conflict more easily.  Representing the Fire Element, Mars emphasizes action and passionate expression over diplomacy.  There is also greater drive and motivation to work hard or prove oneself.

During June this energy was primarily in Cancer and represented heightened emotions or a greater tendency to act (or act out) on a need for emotional security.  This energy represents the potential for deeply rooted anger, shame, resentment or guilt (often stored unconsciously from childhood experiences) to find ways to the surface.  The energy of suppressed emotions can also manifest as accidents, personal injury, feeling overwhelmed, or anti-social, vivid dreams and/or creative outpouring.  It intensified a feeling of vulnerability and the need to feel supported and validated through personal relationships.  It may have also brought family conflicts up to be dealt with and healed. 

In July, this energy is primarily in Leo and represents a deep connection with your inner child as well as expressions of passion, creativity, and playfulness.  It’s a time when primal emotions can come to the surface, as well as the urge to express yourself creatively and authentically. 

Shadow expressions of this energy to be mindful of are giving love or generous gifts as a form of manipulation, a sense of desperation for love or acceptance from others, willfulness, impatience, a hero-complex or the inability to admit wrong-doing.

This conjunction been a KEY theme for the last few weeks, influencing the most recent Solar Eclipse and current Mercury Retrograde vibes.  This energetic influence combined with the Solar Eclipse can represent embarking on a new chapter that is a result of accessing your emotions and your vulnerability, allowing them to be expressed.

With the Mercury Retrograde season upon us (as well as the current influences of the Solar and Lunar eclipses) – it can be really important to give yourself time and space for inner exploration and to allow for stored emotions to reveal themselves.  This can be a time to reconcile with the past by nurturing, forgiving and loving the child within.


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