Weekly Lunar Astrovibes July 8th – 14th

The Moon is waxing this week and the upcoming Quarter Moon will be Tuesday morning in Libra.  The Waxing Quarter Moon is a challenging, square aspect which can trigger feelings of discouragement or lack of control over aspects of your life.  This month in Libra, it can bring up challenges which are ready to be dealt with between friends, co-workers and/or romantic partners, or issues stemming from not having prioritized your personal needs.  It’s time to take the action needed in order to bring greater harmony and balance into your life.

Lunar Astro Vibes Jan 14thWith Mercury now in retrograde, you may also feel fatigued, frustrated, or temporarily in a slump.   Slow down and make time for self-care.  We’re in the midst of Eclipse Season and a major energetic shift is occurring now – it’s time to be open to the unknown, pay attention to intuitive guidance and signs.  It’s also a time to look inward, reconnecting with your long-term dreams and reminding yourself that you deserve to accomplish them, no matter what obstacles currently lie in your way.

As next Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn approaches, self-doubt or a lack of faith in your ability to accomplish your heart’s desires may also be arising; this is a calling to let go of anyone else’s expectations or opinions.  Remember the Eclipses often bring unexpected surprises and that remaining aligned with your personal values will be rewarded.

🌙 This week’s Lunar Astrovibes are broken out day-by-day below!

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, our mood and often our unconscious responses.  How you experience the Moon’s energy is also influenced by the other elements in your individual birth chart – a personal reading will shed light on these influences.

Monday & Tuesday, Moon in Libra – diplomatic, artistic, flexible and harmonious.  This energy loves to bring beauty into the world and is focused on co-creating, with an acute sensitivity to the tastes and desires of others.  While these vibes are highly cooperative, be mindful to watch out for indecisiveness or neglecting your personal needs.

Wednesday & Thursday Moon in Scorpio– this energy is passionate, hard-working and even obsessive at times.  The caution with Scorpio vibes is to be mindful of the tendency to get ‘stuck’ in your emotions.  Watch out for anger, rage, possessiveness, ‘all-or-nothing’ thinking, a tendency to feel disempowered or betrayed.  Consider how you can move THROUGH this emotional experience by refocusing your attention on your desires for the future (rather than the past).  This is also an important time for forgiveness.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Moon in Sagittarius – energetic (watch for impatience), restless, spontaneous and outspoken.  This energy is generally optimistic, with a passion for learning, adventure and connection with higher (esoteric, religious and/or philosophical) truths about the world.  Cautions: failing to listen to others’ points of view, excessive tendencies (like overspending or over-indulging) and a strong urge to break free from responsibility.

**Full Moon Power Period begins Saturday evening in Sagittarius**

During the Full Moon Power Period, you’ll be feeling the heightened energy of the Full Moon, which can bring intense emotions, a strong sense of inner conflict and/or outward conflict with others, pressure to take action and/or speak a truth that’s been suppressed for too long.  

Monday, Moon in Capricorn– strategic and ambitious, this energy represents leadership, delegation and organization around long-term goals.  It brings a strong desire for recognition, respect and the payoffs that come as a result of hard work.  A shadow expression of this energy however is fear of failure, pessimism or neglecting one’s personal desires over the pressure to fulfill society’s conventional expectations for success.

🌸 Have a great week! 🌸

~ Stargazing Yogi

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