Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in CAPRICORN Tuesday, July 16th, 2019; 5:38pm EST

Internal revelations, new expressions of leadership and redefining your view of success are key themes of this July’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will occur on Tuesday, July 16th, 2019, 5:38pm EST (be sure to double check the exact time of the Full Moon in your location!)  This Eclipse occurs at 24 degrees of Capricorn.

About Eclipses

Lunar Eclipses occur approximately every 6 months, when the earth is directly in line with an opposing Sun and Moon (during a Full Moon).  Each Eclipse season (including the recent Solar Eclipse in Cancer) triggers an energetic shift that will set the tone for the next ~6 months.  Eclipses generally involve unexpected changes, new opportunities, transformation and the beginning of new chapters in relationships.  Although they may bring radical, unexpected or seemingly unwelcome change, Eclipses trigger important ‘course corrections’ that jolt you back on track wherever you have strayed from your destined path.  The summer 2019 Eclipse season started around mid-May and will continue until late August.

The energy of the Full Moon at the time of the Eclipse brings elements of life to a point of culmination and/or release.  Full Moons bring about key decisions, personal revelations, communication breakthroughs, shifts in relationships, endings and/or transformation.

Like all Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses can stir up intense internal conflicts, resulting in impulsive acts or emotional outbursts.  They are especially dramatic when you have been resisting a necessary change or avoiding the acknowledgement of a difficult truth – there is a subconscious urge to set free what is being suppressed.  At the same time, the experiences and insights triggered by each Full Moon enable you to gain valuable self-awareness and perspective.

Full Moons can also reveal ‘blindspots’, such as addictive tendencies, unconscious fears or unintegrated traumas from the past.  You can tune into how energy is manifesting in your own experience by noticing where fear or the desire for security are driving your behavior, often ‘irrationally’ (this is where the term ‘Full Moon Madness’ comes from!)  At the same time, as we peer into the face of our own shadow side, we also have the opportunity to neutralize unconscious triggers and behavior patterns that no longer serve us.  Consciously working with the energy of the Full Moon, you may release and heal grievances, resentment and old wounds.

Tuning Into The Healing Energy of Full Moons

Being healed doesn’t mean that the pain never existed.  It means you have evolved to a place where it no longer controls your life.

Working consciously with the energy of the Full Moon means that you can tap into its power to bring awareness to residual emotions from past experiences and/or self-limiting beliefs that may be operating beneath the level of conscious awareness.  By consciously acknowledging these energies, you allow for the opportunity to cleanse and heal pain, grief or other traumas.  During the Full Moon, your sensitivities are heightened – you are literally FEELING more intensely and the potential for healing can be accessed by leaning into and exploring the emotions that arise.  Feeling is the first step towards healing.  You can use the energy of the Full Moon to;

  • Forgive yourself as well as others
  • Release emotional emotional ‘charges’
  • Integrate past experiences, acknowledging the associated lesson or wisdom and taking on a fresh perspective
  • Evolve out of a victim mentality
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the unconscious desires, fears or needs that drive your behavior

Capricorn Vibes

Capricorn energy represents leadership, authority, your desire for respect and recognition in the world, your career life, professional accomplishments and the rewards that come with success.  This energy represents strategic thinking and the ability to assess situations based on the expected outcome or ‘end game’.  Time and energy is invested based on the anticipated payoff (or not at all).  This energy can be extremely focused, structured and hard-working when motivated by the promise of the end result.  It also represents the gift of being able to break down long-term projects into organized steps and to delegate with ease.

Some of the highest vibration manifestations of Capricorn Full Moon will be bringing the discipline needed to take a significant goal over the finish line, especially something related to work or leadership.  Capricorn energy can also bring the ability to see a situation from a more practical perspective and to overcome the emotions or self-sabotaging narrative that is sometimes triggered when faced with an especially daunting task.

The strong Cancer/Capricorn polarity that’s present now, including the Sun, Venus and the North Node in Cancer, indicate a calling to let go of defining success and/or happiness by anyone else’s standards.   What are YOUR personal needs for fulfillment and joy?  How can you let go of others’ opinions and expectations in order to pursue these whole-heartedly?  This energy brings the opportunity to reconnect with the vision of your ultimate dreams and bring greater awareness to discouraging self-talk.

In addition, the influence of six planets in retrograde combined with the long-term transformational energies of Pluto, the South Node and Saturn all in Capricorn signal that this is a time to bring awareness to your inner roadblocks and take the steps needed to get out of your own way.  At its best, Capricorn energy, with the integration of the Cancer/Capricorn polarity, brings more mature expressions of leadership, a greater  sense of confidence in yourself as a voice of authority, and persevering to strive for your heart’s deepest desires without guilt or shame.


Key Themes of the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

  • Stepping into new expressions of leadership
  • Gaining confidence in your abilities to influence others in positive ways
  • Challenging authoritative figures and/or structures
  • Confronting abuses of power (this could involve your own behavior or the behavior of others)
  • Letting go of belief systems that are holding you back; breaking away from ‘conventional’ thinking
  • Letting go of the pressure to do what’s ‘expected’ of you and being more honest with yourself about what is, or is not, fulfilling you on a personal level
  • Letting go of the pressure to be strong for everyone else – admitting and/or expressing your own vulnerability and verbalizing emotional needs
  • Releasing pessimism and self-criticism
  • Releasing fear of failure
  • Letting go of being judged by other people’s standards
  • Tapping into and/or acting on your heart’s deepest desires and wishes
  • Expressing emotions that you have been afraid to share with others
  • Combining compassion with leadership

2019 Capricorn Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon



We feel the heightened energy of a Full Moon about 3 days before and after it occurs; I call this the Full Moon Power Period.

Those who have their natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant or other key placements in the Power Period signs (Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarius) will feel the influence of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse most intensely.

  • July 13th-14th in Sagittarius
  • July 14th-16th in Capricorn
  • July 17th-19 in Aquarius 

For all astrological signs, the effects of an Eclipse can start to be felt 4 to 6 weeks leading up to (or following) the actual event.  The Eclipse also triggers an energetic shift that continues to influence us for 6 months.  The precise influence of the Lunar Eclipse is different for each individual, depending on their personal natal chart.   A reading of your natal and transit charts for the time of the Eclipse will reveal more specific insights

Aspects Accompanying the January 2019 Lunar Eclipse

Cancer/Capricorn Polarities

Capricorn Cancer PolarityThe Sun, Venus and the North Node are all in Cancer, while the Moon, Pluto, Saturn and the South Node will be in Capricorn at the time of the Lunar Eclipse.  Astrological oppositions call for integration of the two sides to allow for insight and growth by establishing a new sense of balance.  Which of these sides of the polarity do you feel needs to be brought into balance for you?

Keep reading for more insights on tapping into the archetype of Cancer energy to bring this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse into balance.

Saturn conjunct the South Node in Capricorn (and opposing Venus)

  • Learning to let go of attachments the past, rigid criticism and unhealthy habits
  • Releasing pressure to meet the expectations of others
  • Finding ways to express your heart’s needs and desires without guilt or shame
  • Letting go of a grievance with a father figure or someone in a position of authority
  • Letting go of inherited beliefs and/or values which are no longer relevant; embracing unconventional viewpoints
  • Setting your own standards for success, wealth, authority and respect
  • Taking more heart-centered risks

Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

  • Brings awareness to abuses of power
  • Brings awareness to where you might hold unfair or discouraging expectations of yourself and/or others as well as the potential to let go of harsh criticism
  • Brings awareness to internal roadblocks such as pessimism and negative self talk

Mars in Leo Trine Chiron in Aries & Square Uranus in Taurus

  • A strong sense of internal conflict, leading to intense feelings of vulnerability, the fear of being judged by others, self-doubt or feeling held back by old wounds – how you choose to respond is up to you.
  • Taking an important stand, especially where your personal integrity is at stake
  • Taking a step forward towards being seen in your most authentic light even though you may feel terrified inside.
  • Tapping into creative urges and passions through joyful expressions of playfulness, love, open-heartedness and generosity.
  • Being grateful for the lessons you’ve experienced through difficult times and ‘paying it forward’ in some way that helps or empowers others.

Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto & Chiron all in Retrograde

  • Feeling fatigued, frustrated or temporarily in a slump
  • Making time and space for rest, self-care and internal reflection and allowing for stored emotions to reveal themselves.
  • Paying attention to intuitive messages and guidance
  • Surrendering to the heart’s desires, accepting uncertainty, trusting
  • Gaining awareness to personal roadblocks, self-limiting beliefs and or self-sabotage
  • Being open to experimentation and having a sense of willingness to go with the flow with a greater sense of openness about the next 6-months
  • Looking inward and to the past – experiences influenced especially by Mercury Retrograde now can include reconnecting with past inspirations, healing family conflicts, or turning a new leaf with someone in your family, especially a parent or spouse.

Exaggerations or Shadows of Capricorn Energy:

The Moon influences the emotions which guide our desires, decisions and needs.  With the heightened energetic influence of the Full Moon, it’s important to watch out these excessive expressions:

  • Cynical thinking, pessimism, a debilitating feeling of futility
  • ‘All or Nothing’ thinking – the desire to quit if perfection cannot be achieved
  • Being overly critical towards yourself, repressing or holding back from expressing your own emotions, needs and desires
  • Expressing harsh judgement or insensitivity towards others – holding people to unachievably high expectations
  • Pressure to hide vulnerability; act as if you don’t need assistance or moral support from others
  • Inability to see the options available for moving out of a negative situation – a tendency to do something ‘the hard way’
  • Aggressive confrontations or lashing out against a parent or other authority figure

Bringing Full Moon vibes into Balance

Opposing the sign of the Full Moon, the Sun, Venus and the North Node will be in Cancer. Tapping into the Full Moon’s opposing archetypal energy can help you balance your experience and bring awareness to how the Full Moon is influencing your emotional triggers, reactions and fears.

Tuning into Cancer Vibes

Celebrate Cancer vibes by reconnecting with your inner sources of inspiration and your heart’s desires, spending time alone to tune into your own intuitive senses, showing your appreciation for loved ones, telling friends and family that you love them, feathering your nest at home and making time for self-care.  Cancer energy represents the courage to FEEL, to let emotion completely flow through you.

Final Thoughts

  1. Awareness is key to consciously moving through astrological transits and embracing the lessons they have to offer us on our journey towards greater personal development.
  2. Remember that everyone is feeling intense or exaggerated emotions right now and might be prone to more ‘irrational’ behavior – your compassion goes a long way!
  3. Be willing to embrace change and the gifts that may hide within something that is currently unknown


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