Weekly Lunar Astrovibes July 15th-21st

We begin the week already under the influence of the Full Moon Power Period for this Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. You may experience this energy manifesting as heightened emotions, restlessness, anxiety, a short temper, or a sense of confusion and distraction. We are often less objective and more driven by primal emotions (such as anger, fear or desire) when under the influence of the Full Moon’s vibes.

Lunar Eclipses occur approximately every 6 months, and each Eclipse season (including the recent Solar Eclipse in Cancer) triggers an energetic shift that will set the tone for the next ~6 months.  Eclipses generally involve unexpected changes, new opportunities, transformation and the beginning of new chapters in relationships. For more about the influences of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, click here.

The energy of the Full Moon brings elements of life to a point of culmination and/or release.  This energy can stir up intense internal conflicts, resulting in impulsive acts or emotional outbursts, which will be especially dramatic if you have been resisting a necessary change or avoiding the acknowledgement of a difficult truth – there is an unconscious urge to set it free.  At the same time, the experiences triggered by each Full Moon enable you to gain valuable insights and self-awareness.

The intensity of the Full Moon continues until around Friday evening, and as we enter the weekend, you may feel like you need extra time for rest and self care.

🌙 This week’s Lunar Astrovibes are broken out day-by-day below!

The Moon’s energy influences our emotions, our mood and often our unconscious responses.  How you experience the Moon’s energy is also influenced by the other elements in your individual birth chart – a personal reading will shed light on these influences.

Monday & Tuesday, Moon in Capricorn – this energy represents ambition, leadership, strategy and having a practical ‘real world’ view of the world.  It brings a strong desire for recognition, respect and the payoffs that come as a result of hard work.  A shadow expression of this energy however is pessimism or fear of failure – not wanting to take a chance with something if success can’t be guaranteed.

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday until evening Moon in Aquarius – intellectual, objective (emotionally detached), innovative and socially conscious.  This energy supports innovation, problem solving, collaboration, connecting with others.  At times it can express itself as rebellious and individualistic, rejecting the notion of being told by anyone what to think or  do.

Friday evening, Saturday & Sunday, Moon in Pisces – This energy is sensitive, generous, empathetic and imaginative, channeling intuitive impulses into imaginative, creative expressions.  Especially with Mercury (and 5 other planets) in retrograde now, avoid too much structure so that you have space to flow with your inclinations in the moment.  This energy represents the collective unconscious and heightens sensitivity to the emotions of others, so if you’re feeling unfocused, overwhelmed or even depressed, you may need to reground by spending time on your own.

🌸 Have a great week! 🌸


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